Would You Wear it?

I have been interested in fashion for a while and actually work in the clothing store Gretta Luxe. I will catch myself either scrolling through Instagram, pinterest or even picking up a People magazine looking for the newest trends and some of the most outrageous looks.

Paris fashion week is one of the most amazing runway shows which everyone wants to be at.  However, some of the newest trends walking the runway are disappointing and impractical.

The first striking picture I came upon was this picture of a model strutting down the runway in a white tunic and some boots. People might think, “sounds cute, Let’s see.” Well, this is what I saw.

My first thought was, “yikes. This is terrible.” I asked some of my peers to see what they thought of this very unflattering and shapeless outfit: Grace Thames, a junior, said the boots “make me uncomfortable to look at and it reminds me of the organism we just looked at in bio.”

Zoe Szeman class of 2021, looked at the same boots and said: “I really don’t like them. They look impractical and trashy.” Zoe and I basically had the same thoughts on these shoes. I also asked Nika Taleghani, and she added, “ those boots are a heinous color and don’t go well with the boots!” My thoughts exactly. I was having a hard time finding someone who liked these shoes!

I am so interested in these exotic outfits models walk the runway in. I had to look into more styles and different designers.  Next, I looked into an outfit from Valentino. I initially thought “WOW.” This looks like the the lint you pull out of the washing machine after you have just done your laundry! I could tell that the red belt is trying to accentuate the bulkiness of the outfit. However, this is not a look anyone would want to wear.

I asked Zoe Szeman what she thought of this outfit and she said “this is not the most flattering outfit and it looks like a lint ball. Nika added, “I would never wear that!”

It seems so interesting to me along with many others that famous designers would show such impractical and eye-catching outfits. Perhaps, the reason the designers want to put the most stunning looks is to show off the other kinds of outfits the designers have in store. As fashion trends continue to evolve, they differ greatly in practicality and style.

You certainly won’t see me in these looks EVER!


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