Wellesley’s frozen yogurt competition heats up with Yogurtology

Looking for a delicious snack located close to school? Look no further. Yogurtology, a new frozen yogurt store in Wellesley center, is the place you are looking for. It is a five-minute walk from school, located at 552 Washington St, where White Mountain used to be. Yogurtology has creative frozen yogurt flavors, cakes and cookies, dozens of toppings, and good service, making it the perfect study break for Dana Hall students.

bottoming croppedThe most distinguishing feature at Yogurtology is their “bottomings.” These are bakery items that can be put on the bottom of your cup, including brownies, cookies, pound cake, rice cereal and marshmallow squares, and baklava. None of the other froyo shops in Wellesley offer these “bottomings,” which provide a new way to get even more great-tasting food in your cup.

After the bottomings, customers pump their frozen yogurt themselves from the yogurt machines. There are around a dozen flavors offered at a time. Though competitor Truly Yogurt offers more flavors, the ones offered at Yogurtology taste better and have more creativity. Flavors include Nutella, pumpkin spice, and cotton candy.

After pumping in the frozen yogurt comes the topping station. With over 40 toppings, Yogurtology offers a large array of fruit, chocolate, candy, and syrups and sauces to top off the bowl of yogurt, dozens more than Truly Yogurt.

toppings croppedAfter filling the yogurt cups, customers pay at the register, based on the weight of their cup. In my experience, three bowls filled heavily with yogurt and toppings cost 16 dollars all together, while two small cups with barely any yogurt and few toppings cost a combined 7 dollars.

After paying, customers can sit on chairs at tables and enjoy their treat, as music plays over the speakers. Good yogurt, toppings and bottomings, music, seating, and good service make for one great experience. Yogurtology’s hours are 11:30am – 9:30pm Sunday – Thursday, and 11:30am – 10:30pm Friday and Saturday, making it the perfect place to go during lunch or after school for a delicious snack.

Photos: Scenes from Yogurtology, in Wellesley. Photo credit: Rachel Lawrence.

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