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Welcoming Color Guard to Dana Hall

Color Guard is a group performance similar to marching band that incorporates dance movements and props like flags, prop rifles, and sabers. It is more common in southern states and the Midwest, and rarer in New England. However, this year a new Color Guard club was started at Dana Hall by Deshawndra Harston ’23, which gives Upper Schoolers, and soon Middle Schoolers, the opportunity to experience Color Guard.

When I visited one of the club’s meetings, which are often held outside or in Waldo, Allie Morvillo ’25, who joined Color Guard this year, showed me some of the things she has learned. First, she showed drop-spins with the prop rifle, where a person uses one hand to spin the rifle in the air. She also showed some tricks she had learned with the flag, a particular strength of hers: an extension and a butterfly, where a person moves the flag, while spinning, from hand to hand. 

Deshawndra also demonstrated a flat-toss and a pop-toss, where the flag is thrown in the air, spun, and caught. The flag is large and heavy, and it takes skill and practice to manipulate it properly. The wind can be a factor when performing outdoors, as it can blow the flag and change how it spins in the air.

Deshawndra started doing Color Guard two years ago at her previous school in Texas and found a community. She describes how it “was an amazing experience and something I want to create here.” She says that the way Color Guard brings people together and adds to the community reflects Dana Hall values of sisterhood, community, and tradition. 

When more people join the club, Deshawdra hopes that Color Guard can add to the community by performing at sports games, which is her favorite part of doing Color Guard. Performances are not competitive, and there is a place in the club for anybody who is interested to contribute, learn, or perform. Deshawndra is currently working with the Athletics Department to make a Color Guard club that is open to the Middle School as well.

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