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Wagamama Restaurant Review: Truly Food “With Soul”

A few months ago, I was introduced to the “world of ramen” by my friends in southern California. From food trucks to restaurants in downtown LA, unique ramen bowls were easy to get and always available. However, as my time in LA came to an end, I thought my ramen days were over. I was proven wrong when my sister and I stumbled upon Wagamama, a Japanese influenced restaurant that serves delicious and outstanding ramen dishes.

Located in the Prudential Center in Boston, Wagamama offers a taste of Japan’s rich and immense culture. The food is prepared with fresh and high quality ingredients to ensure customers’ satisfaction and expectations. Their menu is filled with mouth watering meals like donburi, teppanyaki, curry, salads, desserts, and, of course, ramen. They even offer gluten free meals and freshly made juices.

In addition to their fantastic food, Wagamama has a fabulous atmosphere and comforting vibes. An exposed kitchen visible throughout the whole restaurant allows customers to watch the talented chefs prepare all meals. In addition, the staff is very friendly and the service is fast. I have never waited longer than 15 minutes for my meal. Always busy, Wagamama is full of excitement and noise. The music in the background is almost drowned out by multiple conversations occurring. However, there is no overwhelming feeling of crowdedness; the lights are dimmed low so your immediate focus is on the people you are with.

The presentation of meals are breathtaking; there is a variety of colors and a careful organization of composition. At the table, the conversations die when the food comes because everyone is enjoying the aesthetically pleasing views and tastes of their favorite foods.

All in all, Wagamama is my favorite restaurant, and I will always being willing to go there any day.

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