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Upper School Forum: Bring in more guests, please

Each year, only a small number of Forum Classes are dedicated to special speakers and companies teaching classes, but these outside speakers leave an everlasting impression and impact on students.

For example, this year the Senior Class participated in self-defense classes taught by Impact Boston. Though there are numerous videos and readings on self-defense that we could have used, we had the opportunity instead to work with professionals. I saw how much my peers and I enjoyed the programming but also retained the information we learned.

I see an investment in having more classes taught by people outside the Dana Hall community. Having those tough, awkward conversations about topics such as substance use or sexual health taught by an outside member opens the floor for students to share more rather than with a teacher you see and interact with daily. Having such companies coming to campus could also increase students’ curiosity about the Forum curriculum and their excitement coming to class.

Therefore, expanding the number of classes with companies or special speakers can help further students’ education and personal growth.

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