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Train to Busan: A Must-Watch for True Horror Fans

Asian horror movies are often noted for their unconventional storylines and meticulous attention to details, and South Korea definitely has its share of horror flicks. Train to Busan (2016), for instance, is known for being one of the most thrilling, appalling Korean movies.

Directed by Sang-ho Yeon, this award-winning, harrowing thriller recounts a train journey to Busan that is disrupted by a sudden zombie apocalypse, leading the train and later the whole country into a mounting paranoia. The train ride takes our main characters (a father and daughter) to visit the little girl’s estranged mother in Busan. The father is an insane workaholic who shows little affection to his family, and the little girl, as a result of this careless, broken family, seems distant and always wants to escape from living with him. As they board the train to Busan, one infected, disoriented person, holds back her sickness and catches the train, which soon causes a series of heart-throbbing events to take place…

I chose to watch this movie because of my friend’s recommendation. According to her, “it is a movie that evokes various emotions–happiness, sadness, fear, and heartwarming moments that formulate a concoction of indescribable experience.” I would say that her comments are fairly accurate as I finish the movie with tears of joy and sorrow at the same time.

In this case for Train to Busan, what makes it stand out the most is its multidimensional and emotional approaches to human dignity that pull people into the crux of the narrative. Indeed, zombies are frightening for being what they are, but what really frightens people is the detailed revelation of humanity under threat. While watching the movie, I was captivated by every detail, character, and scene from start to finish. On one side, I felt scared, horrified, and somewhat devastated as if I were experiencing the same thing; on the other side, however, the ending had such a heartwarming moment that it made my tears well up in my eyes. Train to Busan is so much more than a zombie movie; it depicts a life-changing ride that makes you, the audience, question your life and the sanity in everything and of everything.

Honestly speaking, I am not a movie person and I am very picky about them. However, when I do love a certain piece with all my heart, in this case, Train to Busan, I am sure there is something unique to it that will make you fall for it too.

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