“Totally Killer” is not totally killer 

Totally Killer, a comedy/horror movie directed by Nahnatchka Khan, came out in September 2023, currently streaming on Prime Video and rated R for bloody violence, language, sexual material, and teen drug/alcohol. This movie is great if someone is looking for a light, slightly scary, and funny movie.

It’s Halloween night, 2023, and Jamie Hughes is getting ready to go out with her friends. Her overprotective mother, Pam Hughes, is naturally concerned about her daughter’s safety: Thirty-five years ago, around Halloween, three teenage girls were slaughtered, and the so-called Sweet Sixteen Killings have defined this small town ever since. But when Jamie accidentally gets transported back to 1987 in a time machine, she realizes she can stop the murders and fix history, including her own mother’s murder. 

The movie follows Jamie’s journey back in 1987 as she meets a variety of ridiculous, confusing, kind characters; she even ends up meeting her own mother from the past.

The movie itself is not terrifying, as the horror element of this movie mainly consists of murders and crime, and not much of a supernatural horror. The crime scenes itself were gory, realistic, and terrifying.

The comedy mainly comes from our main characters Jamie, and her mother (from the past) Pam with their unserious characters. 

The ending, which is when we find out who the killer is, should have been a huge shock; however, it was rather obvious. Thus, the movie did not result in a thrill that all horror movies aim to have; it is not much of a horror and more of just an interesting science fiction journey of Jamie Hughes. 

Overall, the movie has an interesting plot, but simply does not have the same horror thrill as other horror movies such as “Insidious”, “Us”, and other popular horror movies.

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