Top Ten Places to Eat During a Lunch Free

The Dana Hall community voted in a recent Hallmanac poll for its ten favorite places in Wellesley Center to eat during a lunch free. If you walk into any of these restaurants, ice cream shops, and breakfast places, you are bound to see Dana Hall girls ordering their caramel macchiato, student specials, and mint chocolate chip ice cream cones with sprinkles on top. Here are the top ten favorite places to eat during your lunch free.

1) Starbucks

Located at 68 Central Street, Starbucks comes in at #1 on Dana Hall’s list of favorites. Varying from coffee and tea to breakfast sandwiches and cake pops, Starbucks seems to offer it all to the community, with a price range of $3-$8. Fiona Unsworth ’15 and Anna Reinherz ’15 state, “We love vanilla soy chai from Starbucks because it is a nice mid-day pick me up with great protein.”

2) Boloco

The runner up, Boloco, located on 102 Central Street, offers a variety of burritos and Mexican cuisine. The prices range from $1 to$20, depending on how much you order. Molly Kellogg ’16 says that “I really like the GoLoco Burrito because you can create your own taste.”

3) Bruegger’s

Bruegger’s Bagels, at 67 Central Street, offers bagels and sandwiches with a price rage of $1-$10. Ellease Creer ’17 claims that “the Harvest Turkey sandwich is the best!”

4) Old School

Located at 552 Washington Street, Old School Italian Pizzeria offers a variety of pizza flavors and side dishes at a price of $3-$20. Matty Jobarteh ’17 exclaims that “I love Old School because of their Honey BBQ Chicken!”

5) Dunkin’ Donuts

Located in two different Wellesley spots, 98 Central St and 277 Linden Street, Dunkin’ Donuts offers breakfast food and drinks at a price range of $2-$6. Nina Langan ’16 says, “I like to enjoy a medium ice coffee with caramel and cream if I am feeling spicy on the bus ride to Dana.”

6) Truly Yogurts  

Wellesley’s Truly Yogurts, located on 35 Grove Street, is better known to the Dana Hall community as “Truly’s.” It offers a wide array of frozen yogurt and ice cream in the price range of $3-$5. Alex Naddaff ‘15 states, “I really like Truly’s because it is really convenient to go to even if you don’t have a first lunch free. It is always really inexpensive for what you get. Plus the ice cream is very refreshing on a hot day.”

7) Lemon Thai

Located on 555 Washington Street, Lemon Thai offers Thai cuisine for sit-down meals and for take out, in a price range of  $5-$20. Alexa Levin ‘16 says, “I really like the pad thai because they can make it spicy, and I feel completely satisfied after my meal.”

8) Linden Store

Linden Store, located on the other side of the train tracks at 162 Linden Street, offers an array of sandwiches at a prices of $5-$20. Macy Sullivan ‘16 says, “I really like The Dude Ranch because the meat is so fresh and the mixture of turkey, bacon, and ranch dressing is an explosion in my mouth.”

9) J.P. Licks

J.P. Licks, located at 63 Central Street, is an ice cream shop that also offers other desserts, with prices from $3 to $10. Attabelle Wasniewski ‘16 says, “Although quite expensive, they have a refreshing variety of flavors including my favorite, Espresso Chocolate Chip.”

10) Pinkberry

Pinkberry, located down the street from The Linden Store at 180 Linden Street, offers frozen yogurt with a plethora of toppings for the price of  $3-$7. Cile Neme ’18, Dani Balcazar ’18, Fer Mondragon ’17, and Sofia Madrazo ’18 all agree that their favorites at Pinkberry are the “chocolate ice cream and the pomegranate ice cream with cookie dough on top!”

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