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The Senior Sophomore Experience

This month, Senior- Sophomore, a Dana Hall tradition that has been taking place since
the late 1930s, has been the center of recent school excitement. During this tradition, the
seniors and sophomores bond through a series of events including candy-filled posters,
decorated lockers, silly costumes, gift bags, colorful beanies and a delicious banquet.

Photo credit: Molly Kentala

The seniors put in massive amounts of time and effort to create these extravagant events. While each senior knows her sophomore, the senior’s identity is kept a secret until being
revealed at the banquet. As All-school co-president Deena Husami states: “It’s a lot of work, but at the same time, after it’s all done, it all pays off seeing everybody happy about getting their posters.”

The time is well worth it because it is met with enthusiasm and a good time. Lindsey Gilfeather, class of 2018 remarks: “walking down the hallway and seeing our posters was magical.”

Although this tradition is between the seniors and sophomores, many members of the Dana community experience the excitement and sugar shock of the events. Mr. Ahn, the teacher of the sophomore General Chemistry class, exclaims that the events of Senior-
Sophomore are “all in good fun and they settle down quickly” when arriving to class during the
days in which the tradition occurs.

This tradition is especially amazing because it has lasted for so long. It originated from a
tradition called “Old Girl-New Girl,” which occurred when Dana Hall started in 10th grade. The
school added a 9th grade class to the high school in 1962. So when the tradition started, it was the
Sophomores that were the youngest. This tradition welcomed the Sophomore class into the high
school and created new relationships with older grades.

While times have changed, the purpose of this tradition has remained impactful and fun. As I
eagerly anticipate participating in the tradition as a senior next year, I look forward to seeing all the
hard work and reward felt when I see the final product. I am hoping to get a new appreciation of the
tradition and my seniors as I complete the full circle of receiving and creating.

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