The mystery of the pond fountain

In Fall 2021 Dana Hall saw the return of a fountain that was installed in the campus pond almost six years ago but has not been run in recent years. We’ve all seen the pond turn green in the warmer months, and, according to science teacher Gary Fadden, the pond “was installed to aerate the water [which] gets rid of the algae growing up there.”

Mr. Fadden added that the pond is usually filled with “tremendous numbers of ducks and geese” but “that may have been another reason why they put that fountain up. They don’t want ducks and geese because, unfortunately, they crap everywhere.” He explained the unattractive look that the droppings bring to the campus and how it would even affect major events at Dana Hall like graduation. 

Ellie Bergstrom ‘24 said, “I think the fountain really makes the campus brighter. It just really brings the pond to life.”

The fountain is turned off in the winter due to the layer of ice that usually freezes over the pond. Ellie and Mr. Fadden both hope the fountain will make a return in the spring.

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