The Johnston Dormitories are in need of a change

Like any typical dormitory, the students who live in the Johnston dorms are required to share a communal bathroom, which won’t ever change. Sharing a bathroom with 6 or more people means that certain responsibilities are expected from the students. These responsibilities could be much better executed by the students of the Johnston dorms.

The Johnston bathrooms are currently a mess: water from showers flooding into the stalls, toilet bowls left unflushed, tissues left on the floor, trash bins overflowing. Although we have cleaners come in every other day to clean our bathrooms, the bathrooms still manage to turn into a mess by the end of the day. 

As students themselves play a part to the state of the bathroom, cleaning supplies would help much more. Our toilets lack of communal cleaning supplies creates the problem of not being able to clean after a mess as easily. For example, when the showers overflood and our floors fill with water, a mop provided would clean the mess quickly. Similarly, sanitary wipes like Clorox wipes could be used to wipe off an unsanitary toilet seat. As the Erisman Student Center here at Dana has also started to provide cleaning supplies to clean the food spills, it should be possible to provide them for our dormitories as well.  

“Our toilets are almost always in bad condition, from the sight of it to the smell of it. I think that finding a solution to keep it clean would be incredible for our dorm community,” says Grace Li ‘27 living in Johnston D. 

Each dorm is given a budget to spend as a community, which is kept in account by the dorm directors. The money used to spend on cleaning supplies would total up to an estimate of around $30 with by monthly restocks, making it reasonable. 

“Cleaning supplies would be great. I would definitely appreciate it and use it whenever I need to. I’m sure that the other people sharing the restroom with me would appreciate it too,” says Kiara Kim, ‘26 living in Johnston C. 

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