The Farmer’s Daughter is delicious and nutritious

Sustainability is trending, and restaurants have certainly caught on to this. The idea of food being “farm to table” has been a part of the rise of nutritious eating, and The Farmer’s Daughter in Sudbury, MA, supports this practice. The delicious restaurant uses fresh and locally grown ingredients. As a self proclaimed ‘foodie,’ I set out on two different occasions to try its breakfast and lunch.

The Farmer’s Daughter is located on 534F Boston Post Road, and it also has a location in Easton, MA. My mom and I went there for lunch one Saturday afternoon. Due to our being vaccinated, we decided to sit inside and found that the place was set up in a very safe way. We got a table for two spaced apart from everyone else and were asked to keep our masks on until the food arrived.

The restaurant does not accept reservations, and there may be a bit of a wait on weekends. However, several shops are located right nearby, so you could kill time there while waiting for a table.

The menu certainly isn’t huge, but it has enough options for even the pickiest of eaters. It also features a variety of artisan lemonades and cocktails, but we both stuck with lemon-infused water, which came in rustic-looking mason jars that matched the decor of the restaurant very well. The dining area is farmhouse chic, with modern light fixtures and natural wood touches. 

I ordered a cheeseburger with a mixed greens side salad, and it was fantastic. The meat tasted fresh and hearty, unlike a fast food burger. The cheese was sharp and added the perfect touch. The side salad, however, was my favorite part of the meal. I am unsure what they put in the dressing to make it so addictive, but I definitely recommend ordering your meal with it. The price of the burger was $16.95, but considering the quality was so good, I don’t believe that it’s overpriced.

The second time I went to The Farmer’s Daughter, I got breakfast with a friend. They sat us at the counter, and I was pleased to see hard plastic dividers between us and the other customers. However, I felt much safer the first time I went, so I would recommend asking for a table instead of a seat at the counter.

For $7.95, I ordered belgian waffles with strawberries, butter, and syrup on them. It was truly delicious, and I especially enjoyed the brown sugar butter I spread over the top of my waffles. The waffles were the right combination of soft and crispy, and the strawberries tasted as if they had just been harvested. My friend ordered a breakfast burrito for $13.95 and enjoyed it a lot. We both liked how they gave us a set of four hot sauces, all of which were unique flavors. I did not try the sauces, but my friend did a test of each and decided to buy one at the front.

Needless to say, this restaurant is the real deal. Its farm to table style food is fresh and nutritious, and its atmosphere is casual and warm. I’ll be back for the brioche french toast next time.

Image Source: Lane Turner for The Boston Globe

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