“The Circle” adds a twist to reality TV 

The Circle is an entertaining reality TV show that, unlike most shows, is focused on online interactions. With some exceptions, the contestants on The Circle never meet face to face. They live in separate apartments within the same building, and stay there for the duration of the show. The players communicate through online chat. The players have never to meet, so they have the option to present themselves as another person, or “catfish” the other players. The players routinely rank each other based on who they think is the most likely to be a catfish. The two players who are ranked highest are dubbed “influencers” and have the chance to “block” who they think is a catfish. The players who are blocked are at risk of being eliminated from the show. 

The Circle is unlike any other reality TV show that I have watched. The combination of players being able to catfish each other and having all the interactions be through online chats makes this show very interesting to watch. It is not very common on dating shows that you see online interactions or dating, which has become one of the most popular forms of dating today. 

While this element of the show certainly makes it interesting, I am not sure if I like the absence of human interaction outside of the internet. I think that part of the reason reality TV shows are so entertaining is because of the cringe, drama, and embarrassment that comes from the face to face conversations. That being said, I did like the element of players not knowing who was “catfishing,” which would not be possible if the show wasn’t solely online. If this modern twist on TV sounds intriguing, The Circle is definitely the show for you. 

Season five of the show made its debut in December 2022 on Netflix with twelve new contestants. The show is based off of the original British series, which revolves around the same concept and has the same name. 

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