Temporary Classroom Building is in full swing

The Temporary Classroom Building, commonly known to those on campus as the “TCB,” is a rectangular modular building behind Maple Manor Field. The TCB is in response to the ongoing construction of the new Upper School at Dana Hall. Faculty and students have attended classes in the TCB since the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year.

Katherine Bradley, Head of School, described that during the planning phase for construction, Cindy Welch, previous Assistant Director of the Upper School, found that six modular classrooms were enough space without having to cut programming at Dana. The Temporary Classroom Building is on a leasing agreement with a rental company and will be picked up upon completion of the new Upper School building Ms.Bradley noted. 

Lily Schwartz ’24 described that the TCB has been a great temporary alternative to the standard classroom building. With the TCB being a temporary solution, the personal charm feeling is a concern of many, including Schwartz, but is thankful it “provides a clean and organized space to continue learning.” Iva Jacoby ’23 echoes Schwartz in that the building has been a great solution, but walking from the Student Center to TCB has been a stretch, especially in the colder months. Though the walk is long, Jacoby thinks that “learning in the TCB has been as good as learning in the old Classroom Building.” 

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