Technology gets a boost in Dana Hall’s classrooms

All classrooms this year now have Epson short throw projectors, powered speakers, and Apple TVs, which were installed by the Technology Department this summer throughout both the Middle and Upper School.

According to Mr. Kyle Crawshaw, Technology Support Specialist, “the decision to install new equipment was based on feedback from faculty and students, and was designed to work with our iPad 1:1 program.” Dana Hall’s iPad program forces the school to stay on top of technology, trying to have a user-friendly system in the classroom.

Math teacher Mr. Matt Enlow had been frustrated with the previous technology, as the old Reflector system would close on him repeatedly throughout class, making it difficult to keep students focused and on task, but he remarks that the new system is more reliable. Languages teacher Ms. Jacqui Bloomberg, acting Academic Technologist, agrees with Mr. Enlow, explaining that more teachers have been using the new technology because it is much more reliable. The Technology Department installed a total of 44 projectors in classrooms and other spaces.

Mr. Eric Goodson, Head of the Social Studies Department, says that one of the things he likes about Apple TV is that it allows students to project what they are seeing on their screen, something that the previous technology couldn’t do.

Teachers like Mr. Goodson have seen many advantages to the new system, but Mrs. Alexandra Siemon, Social Studies teacher, insisted on keeping the old technology, an interactive SmartBoard, as well as adopting the new. Mrs. Siemon enjoys the interactive aspect that the SmartBoard offers her and her students, so while other classrooms got rid of the SmartBoard, she kept hers. Autumn Ceppi ’17, however, “likes the new technology a lot better because SmartBoards were big and clunky, and we didn’t use them that much.”

Mr. Crawshaw said the Technology Department “wanted to provide a consistent experience and expectation from classroom to classroom for our teaching faculty and students.” Not only does the uniform technology create similar experiences for the users, but Mr. Crawshaw said it makes troubleshooting and repair process “more streamlined and efficient” for their department.

Mr. Crawshaw speaks on the behalf of the Technology Department about the new system: “We’re delighted this is a success story.”

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