Tate McRae’s new album “Think Later” is a smashing success

Canadian singer-songwriter Tate McRae released her second studio album Think Later. I love this entire Pop album as it intertwines emotional lyrics with memorable melodies. 

McRae released her album on December 8, 2023. It features 14 songs, two of which are previously released singles. She was inspired by her recent breakup to write this album. However, while many of the songs on her album were about her heartbreak, there were also a lot of songs about the healing process after a breakup. If you are a lover of Olivia Rodrigo and Daya, this album is perfect for you.

My favorite song is “Plastic Palm Trees.” The song explains how you believe how perfect something is until you see that it is not as great as you thought. I particularly like the lyrics: “Caught in a dream It’s not what it seems (Ah-ah-ah).” These lyrics truly emphasize the essence of perception vs. reality. We want to be blind to mistakes and red flags because we only want to believe in a flawless fake reality. I love how McRae highlights that life is unpredictable and not everything will be immaculate. She illustrates how you will have challenges in your life that you are capable of overcoming.

Another song I enjoy on the album is “We’re Not Alike” which is about betrayal in a friendship. McRae reflects on the lapse in her judgment and the pain of being betrayed by someone you thought you were close with. The lyrics, “I got a lack of good judgment Judging by the fact I got close to you (oh, no)” shows how we can be so blindsided because we only want to believe the good things in life. This is one of the more vulnerable songs on her album because during the song she acknowledges how she ignored the bad signs in her friendship.

McRae first gained prominence for being the first Canadian finalist on the TV show, So You Think You Can Dance. In 2020, she gained increased popularity when she released her single “You Broke Me First”, which became an international hit. The single was number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100.

McRae will be on tour from April 2024-November 2024 for her Think Later album.

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