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Superbowl Pain and Joy (or: TB is still the GOAT)

Thousands of football fans travelled to the cold state of Minnesota to attend Super Bowl LII on February 4th. Though there was a unanimous mourning across all of New England, fans of the Eagles continue to celebrate their victory of 41-33.    

“The Eagles deserved the win. They played well against the Pats but of course, I [wished] the Pats [had won],” expresses Mrs. White.

The New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles were given the chance to win NFL champions of 2017. This was the Patriots’ second consistent year playing in the Super Bowl (winning last year’s game against the Falcons) and their 8th Super Bowl game since 2000. The Eagles have not played in the Super Bowl since 2004, therefore they were the underdog team.

On February 5, freshman Ciara Durbin proudly walked into school, decked out in Eagles gear. “I was so happy,” she said, “I love the Eagles. They deserve the win… I’m ecstatic.” Born and raised in Philly for 13 years, Ciara is not afraid to represent her team spirit to Pats fans.

There is still lots of controversy over whether or not the last two touchdowns by the Eagles counted or not. “It is a fact it did not count,” junior Daniela Nashawaty confidently states. “The refs were being very unfair [to the Patriots] the whole [game].”

Nevertheless, New England fans still love and support the Patriots. We are ready for the next season, and ready to win Super Bowl LIII.

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