Students travel to Greece and Italy for Spring Break

This March Dana is offering two spring break trips, going to Greece and Italy. Both are going for a week and connect to courses Dana offers. Ms. Mary Cameron, Social Studies Department Head, is the lead chaperon for the trip going to Greece, and Ms. Nicole Wellington, Middle/Upper School World Languages Faculty, is the lead chaperone for the trip going to Italy. 

The flight for Greece takes off on Friday, March 10, with four chaperons and 31 students, the majority of whom are 9th-graders. The trip was open to all Upper School students. She added, “Greece is a beautiful country and it has so much history that’s really exciting to see, especially since it connects to the curriculum here,” particularly Western Civilization.

They have a jam-packed schedule, going to Napoli, Delphi, Crete, and Athens. Students and teachers will participate in an archeological dig, see historic art and architecture, spend a day on the Peloponnese, visit an ancient theater, and more. They are going to learn about significant figures in Greece, both past and present. Ms. Jillian DeBusk, one of the chaperones, said, “Greece is a place I have wanted to visit for a long time, and I’m looking forward to exploring the history, and countryside.”

This trip also ran four years ago, before the pandemic, and the school is using the same tour company. Ms. Cameron explains, “It was a fantastic trip and so I certainly want to repeat that.”

The flight for Italy also takes off on Friday, March 10, with three chaperons and 21 students. The trip was open to eighth graders as well as Upper School students. The Italy was trip was open only to Latin students because, as Ms. Bloomberg explains, “We have done this trip open to all students before, but the trip is focused on Latin and things they learn in Latin class, and so it’s been difficult for other students when we read and speak Latin.”

This year Ms. Bloomberg, Ms. Wellington, and Ms. Michelle Spaulding will be accompanying these students all over Italy. They will be going to places like Pompeii, Herculaneum, Paestum, Rome, and Surento, and getting to visit ancient sights, as well as the Vatican. They will also visit sights all around Rome, Piazza Navona, the Trevi Fountain, walking tours, and more.   

According to Ms. Bloomberg, “We have done trips to Italy since 1995.” They are using a new tour company this year because, as Ms. Bloomberg shares, “we want to get the best itinerary for the best price.”

Michaela (Mia) Bloch ’25, a Latin III student, states, “I’m excited to explore Italy and to eat lots of gelato.” Ms. Bloomberg also shares, “It’s an experience like no other for students.”

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