Spirit Week Gets Extra Spirited

Dana Hall’s spirit week for 2018 kicked off on Monday, October 22nd. Spirit Week, as always, took place the week before parents weekend, where family members from around here and all over came to their kids’ classes and partook in all sorts of activities!

The real story here, however, is not in parents weekend or Dana’s somewhat depressing homecoming game outcomes, or even the lack of people that actually dressed up for spirit week. What’s really interesting here is the mini-revolution that took place on Wednesday, October 24th.

The third day of Spirit Week.

Color day.

For context, many students had been looking forward to a meme day, as in a day to dress up as their favorite internet jokes and make their vine compilations. When it didn’t happen, students took things into their own hands.

Sometimes people are given a choice. Two options. This or that, nothing more and nothing less. Unless, of course, one makes strays from the path, creates a third option completely different from the rest, choosing something no one else even realized could be an option.

It’s truly wonderful to see so many students stand up for what they believe in and disregard the status quo. They were told it was color day, and how did those students reply?

They created their own meme day.

It’s revolutionary, really, for one to think so outside the box and carve their own path in the world. And this third option, this alternate path, is the one so many students took on Wednesday.

In order to document this event and make sure it can be kept in the books of the Dana Hall archives so all generations to come can learn from and celebrate these fine students, the Hallmanac took to the streets of Dana Hall and interviewed various different people.

Here are their voices:

“Oh I knew about it and I was kind of confused, but I didn’t bring anything like a meme so I decided to just be me.”

“Wait, there’s a meme day?”

“I didn’t really know about meme day, I just thought it was supposed to be color day. I don’t think it’s right to overrule student council.”

“I did know about meme day and had been planning to dress up, but I woke up too late.”

These are just a few of the heroes, the champions, of Spirit Week.

May Dana Hall always remember them.

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