Spinning comes to the Shipley Center

Dana Hall is adding a spinning room in the Shipley Center, according to John Suby, the Director of Athletics, who hopes that the new room will be built over Spring Break.

Spinning, or indoor cycling, is a form of exercise which has recently become extremely popular. It involves a stationary bike and is usually in a classroom-type setting. The bikes are close together, and the room is usually very dark, with loud music playing, creating a dance club atmosphere.

The spinning room will be located in the Shipley Center on the second floor, right next to the rock climbing wall. There will be glass walls put up, so people will be able to see into it and some of the sound will be contained so it won’t distract the rock climbers too much.

According to Business Insider, Soul Cycle, which is a popular spinning place, can cost up to $39 per session. So with Dana Hall adding a new spinning room, Dana girls could save a lot of money. Lily Garber ’16 says, “I’m excited for a spin room at Dana because I can use my SoulCycle technique in a different setting while spinning with my friends. I’m also excited because at Dana it will be free, so I won’t have to spend a ton of money on it.”

Mr. Suby says, “We have decided to [bring spinning to campus] because spinning has become so popular. We know a lot of our kids go to spin and they’ve gotten stronger and a lot more fit with it. Another thing is, Winsor does a lot of cross training with spinning, and a lot of their cross country runners don’t get injured. They get in the pool once a week, get on a spin bike once a week.”

Janet Sullivan, Associate Athletic Director, says that the new room will most likely be used for competitive teams, and that they may try to work it into a fitness class for one of the trimesters in the 2016-2017 school year. She says, “Our fitness classes are busting at the seam, and a spinning class could give people more options.”

Image source: AnyTimeLeisure.

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