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Speculation About the Princess of Wales turns into public support

Speculations from the public led Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, to announce her cancer diagnosis on March 22, which has been followed by public support. 

The speculation that Kate Middleton disappeared from the royal family was caused by an image the Kensington Palace shared of Kate Middleton and her three children on March 10, 2024, Mother’s Day. Soon, photo organizations like Getty Images instructed news sites to remove the image from their coverage. As the Associated Press noted, “close study of the image revealed inconsistencies that suggested it had been altered, for instance in the alignment of Princess Charlotte’s left hand with the sleeve of her sweater.” 

On March 22nd, Kate announced in a video on social media, “In January I underwent major abdominal surgery in London and at the time it was thought that my condition was non-cancerous. The surgery was successful; however, tests after the operation found cancer had been present.”  

Her announcement resulted in an overwhelming public support.  Mila Sneddon, an eight year old diagnosed with leukemia in 2021, voiced her support for the royal family after meeting and developing a relationship with Kate back in 2021. “She will be brave because I was, and she will fight it like I did,” Mila said. Public figures such as Ivanka Trump wrote that she was “deeply saddened to hear about Princess Kate’s diagnosis. It’s disheartening to see the speculation that has surrounded her, particularly during a time when support and kindness are most needed.” 

Others expressed their regret for supporting the viral conspiracies. “I’m sure no one cares today but I feel like I have to acknowledge this. I made a silly post around the ‘photoshop fails’ frenzy, and oh man, that post has me mortified today. I’m sorry. Sending love and well wishes to all, always,” Blake Lively wrote on her Instagram Story. 

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