Seven schools. 30 days. One winner.

The November Knockdown is an annual giving competition among the EIL schools in the greater Boston area. Aimed at encouraging young alumni to give back to their alma mater, the competition runs for the month of November. The winner of the competition is the school with the greatest alumni participation of classes from the years 2000-2014.

Seven other EIL schools — Windsor, Beaver Country Day, Berwick Academy, Concord Academy, Pingree, and Lexington Christian Academy — are in the running to take first place in the 2014 challenge. Dana Hall came in first place in the 2012 challenge and third place in 2013, and is looking to make a comeback this year against Pingree, who was the first place winner last year.

Katie Minetti ’04, a contributor to the Dana Fund, states, “Dana Hall builds an incredible sense of community, and in college I realized what a truly unique experience we had. … [What makes] Dana truly unique are the relationships the students have with one another and the strong faculty mentorships that emerge from small classes and individualized attention. … I give to the November Knockdown [because] a seemingly small contribution can make a large impact … [and] provides a great experience for the future generations of Dana Hall students.”

Emily Soukas ’09, who recently graduated from New York University, says, “each year, I am thankful for my life changing experience at Dana Hall, which is why I participate in the November Knockdown. The six years I spent on campus, and the five years I’ve spent staying connected after leaving campus, truly make up who I am today. I’m still grateful for the opportunity Dana afforded me to learn how to learn, to make mistakes, and to grow and develop. With that growth also came lifelong friends who were there to experience it all with me. I choose to give as a young alum so that future generations of Dana girls can have the same opportunities I had, and more. And who doesn’t love a little competition? I’ll jump on any opportunity to prove that Dana Blue is the BEST!”

The latest standings as of November 14:tn-Dana_Hall_Turkey

1) Windsor
2) Dana Hall
3) Concord Academy
4) Pingree
5) Lexington Christian
6) Berwick
7) Beaver Country Day

Alumnae who would like to make a contribution to the Dana Fund can visit the website or text the word “DANA,” their name and class to 27722, to make a $10 gift. (When receiving a confirmation text, reply yes.)

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