Senior Student Affairs moves to Shipley Center Hub 

The Class of 2023’s senior year started with relocating the senior Student Affairs lounge to the Shipley Center’s Hub, the room facing Sisters Field. The construction of the new Classroom Building has created a shift in the use of campus spaces.

According to Kathy Hamel, Associate Dean Of Students and 12th Grade Class Dean, the migration of Student Affairs to the Hub was proposed by Katherine Bradley, Head of School, as “she cares very much about the Class of 2023’s experience with the ongoing construction.” One benefit Ms. Hamel sees in this space is that students are now allowed to utilize the space during Conference period, which wasn’t allowed in the previous year’s Student Affairs. 

 Kelsey Hudson ’23 thinks the “location of the Hub is actually pretty convenient to the location of the Temporary Classroom Building (TCB)” because a lot of her class locations circulate around the TCB and Shipley side of campus.  However, Kate Adams ’23 said that she can’t use the Hub to her full potential because “it’s in a spot that’s not accessible or convenient when I am in Common ground or in the Library.” Kate emphasizes that these are two spots on campus where she spends most of the time in class which makes it a long walk and takes energy to go to the Shipley Center for just a few minutes.

The Student Affairs lounge in the Classroom Building was a place for seniors to relax and hang out with peers on couches and tables. These same couches were transported to the Hub by the movers, Ms. Hamel stated, to help replicate the same feeling previous senior classes had in Student Affairs.

The Class of 2023 has begun decorating the Hub, reflecting their interests and visions for the year. There is a banner that says “Khloe’s Krib,” a portable basketball hoop game, and a Wall Of Shame for seniors to place assignments that earned bad grades. Ms. Hamel also explained that she sees so much potential in personalizing the space, whether that be increasing the number of stars and moons leading up to mid-winter or hanging up holiday decorations during December. There is also a TV and fireplace for seniors to use at their leisure.

 The senior class is adapting to the ever-changing changes of this school year. Still, Iva Jacoby ‘23 is thankful that the Hub allows her to connect with classmates that she wouldn’t otherwise see in classes or sports during the academic day.

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