Senior-Sophomore brings character to campus

On Monday, September 23, after four days of posters, care packages, locker decorations, and candy, the anticipated Senior-Sophomore tradition commenced. On campus and around Wellesley, one could see Charmin bears, the Despicable Me minions, Alice in Wonderland, and Cindy Lou Who, to name a few of this year’s characters. While the day was full of jitters, laughter, and excitement, the night ended in hugs and budding friendships after seniors’ identities were revealed.

The preparation on the seniors’ part came with a surprisingly large workload, Emily Martin ’14, senior class co-president, explained: “From lockers to posters to beanies to costumes to candy, it’s a lot in such little time.” The seniors prepared three posters and a care package, decorated a locker, made a beanie, and created a costume. “I never realized how much work Senior-Sophomore really was. It gave me a new appreciation for my senior,” Margot Palandjian ’14 comments.

While it seems like a lot of time, money, and energy now, it was even more in past years. This year, Kathy Hamel, Assistant Dean of Students, devised a plan to limit the amount of money spent on the copious candy that floods the halls each year. The school ordered about $2,000 dollars of candy from Brian Smillie Candy Company in Woburn. “The candy was then divided and given to each senior, who then decorated her sophomore’s locker,” Hamel explained. In total, there were about 97 four-pound bags for all the lockers. Another change this year was that Common Ground was not decorated. “The feedback from 2013 was that it was too much time and not necessary,” Hamel added.

And while it seems like a lot of work for the seniors, many agree the effort is well worth it. And the sophomores, of course, would agree. “It’s the best day I’ve ever had a school,” Caroline Heiland ’16 gushes.

At the banquet, seniors’ identities were revealed, and the sophomores and seniors had dinner and tradition cake. The night ended in the singing and shouting of snitzel songs and cheering from all around.

Photo: Sesame Street characters were among the personas that seniors designed for their sophomores. Photo credit: Bailey Rayment.

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