Senior projects continue, despite pandemic changes

Just like every aspect of this year, senior projects saw a deviation from normalcy. With most internships off the table, as less are hiring for remote jobs, and few seniors want to sit on Zoom all day, seniors have had to get creative when planning their projects. 

In a normal year, students are paired with an off-campus advisor to guide them through their project. These projects are geared towards making connections outside of Dana Hall and learning in a more “real world” environment. Although some students this year are doing internships or more traditional senior projects, many students took the changes in stride and had to think outside the box for a project. 

One senior, Isabelle Sullivan, decided to help her parents in their home renovations and tile her bathroom. While she notes that she probably would not have done this project in a “normal year,” she was excited to take on this renovation. Another senior, Torin Harris, decided to stay on campus for her project. She is making a mural in the English office featuring black female authors whom Dana Hall students read in their English classes. Other students chose to travel further away from the Dana bubble. Charlotte Maffie embarked on a literary tour of New England, which took her to the Berkshires as well as Vermont. She commented, “it has been so wonderful to experience the places I have lived my whole life through the eyes of a tourist. As with many things this year, this senior project feels like a silver lining.” 

As in past years, seniors kept a daily journal throughout their project and also read a related book of their choosing. All seniors gave a short presentation on their project to a Zoom panel of fellow seniors, faculty advisors, and guests on Friday, May 28.

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