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Sending the Seniors on Projects

The end of the year is rolling around quickly, and it is a very bittersweet time for the Dana Hall community as we begin to say goodbye to many of our beloved seniors who are leaving and soon graduating. The Senior Project Program is used as a stepping stone between leaving Dana and going to college. It is a two and a half week period to do an internship that pertains to one’s personal interests. According to Mr. Mather, Assistant Head of School, “there are 73 seniors total participating in this program out of 81 seniors in the graduating class.” With help from mentors, the students dive into their projects. In addition to actually working, they are responsible for planning their time and completing school requirements such as reading a book about their field and writing journal entries. Each student also creates a presentation while on their project.

Here are a few Senior Projects starting this spring by students from the Class of 2018:

Caroline Cohen is working with Beth Gilfeather at Sevenstep Recruitment in Boston and shadowing her life as a CEO. Caroline is “looking forward to seeing what her daily work schedule is like and what it is like being a female CEO and if this is different from a male CEO.” She and a fellow classmate have a personal connection to Ms. Gilfeather and created this project together.

Sophie Habermann is looking forward to working with a real estate agent named Donna Maley in Chestnut Hill. She will be helping to organize the business’s move to a new location, work around the office, show houses and monitor the business Instagram. Sophie “has always wanted to be a real estate agent and has followed the market in the nearby areas since she was little.” She is excited to further her passion working with her family friend who willingly offered her a way to get involved.

Christine Copeland is working at Elmwood Christian Preschool in Wellesley with a program for preschoolers. She will be helping the children throughout the day and following each child to their activities. She is “looking forward to being able to have fun with all the children and seeing the ways in which they learn.” She is also excited to see “the topics which they pick up and those in which they show little interest.’” Her senior project hits close to home as it is actually close to her house and also she attended the preschool herself.  

Sending off our seniors is a sad sneak preview of next fall, but also something special to look forward to. These three inspiring girls are sure to make a great impact on the community, and I am looking forward to seeing all the results of these projects in their presentations!

If you are interested in learning more about Dana Hall’s Senior Project Program, come to the presentations on Friday, June 8 from 12:30-2:00pm in the Shipley Center Gym.

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