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Salut-Sophie: Dana Hall’s fashion blogger

A Dana Hall sophomore, squash player, and fashion blogger: Sophie Langlois ’17 is a day student at Dana who fits time into her busy life to blog about her love for fashion. Sophie holds fashion near and dear to her heart, and her blog, Salut-Sophie, which began in the fall of 2014 gives her a chance to share this love with others.

Sophie began her blog as “a place where I can post and share with the world what I’ve been been wearing or loving.” She started it very nervous about the experience, but she has been “proud of the support from my friends and family.” Sophie’s blog captures different outfits that she wears on different days and nights, along with her go-to products and items that she loves to use. Sophie embraces her “salut side” through her blog, as she writes and shares with the world her sense of style. Her friend Courtney Hugo ’17 says that “Sophie’s blog is so Sophie, and she always has the best fashion ideas.”

accessorizingAn average post by Sophie includes pictures and 100 to 300 words about whatever it is she may be blogging about that day. She regularly posts her OOTDs (Outfit of the Day) and OOTNs (Outfit of the Night), as well as photos from vacations and write-ups of favorite products or jewelry, or, in one instance, her favorite dog coats for her dog.

Sophie’s posts are more frequent when she pulls together a new outfit, has a special event, or just some more time off school. She talks about expanding her blog horizons even more with creative feature pieces.

Sophie’s blog is not only for her followers to enjoy, but for Sophie, “it is a great way to relieve stress and spend time talking about what I love.” She says, “the blog forces me to think outside the box,” pushing her to take advantage of what she has in her closet in different ways to create new outfits.

Followers and feedback are very important to Sophie, and throughout her blogging experience she has “found social media can be a very powerful tool.” There are links in the upper left corner of her site that connect to her blog Instagram account, personal Tumblr, and personal Pinterest. On her Instagram, she is able to see her followers, and let people know when a new post is up on her blog.

Grace Gustafsson ’17, a close friend to Sophie, says she is “inspired that someone my age figured out what she loves and is already in the process of making it happen.”

As summer is on the horizon, Sophie will be posting more and more with the time off school, so it is a good time to start reading her blog.

Happy blogging to Sophie, and make sure to check out her blog at along with following her Instagram @salut-sophie.OOTD & OOTN


Photos are all taken from Salut-Sophie and are by Sophie Langlois.

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