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Relaxation Room allows students to de-stress

Stress is an issue that the majority of teenage girls today face. According to WebMD, a survey from 579 parents with children 13-17 years old said that more than 50% of them would describe their children’s stress levels as moderate to high.

At Dana Hall, we all know that while it can be a lot of fun with our traditions and school spirit, it can also be a very stressful place at times, and often we don’t feel like we have the tools to cope with our stress levels.

Well, say hello to the Relaxation Room. 

In the second week of May, I revamped the room next to Waldo Auditorium, converting it from a dull space with a table and two chairs, into a relaxing oasis with a rug, pillows, galaxy lights, motivational signs, and journals. 

The room is meant to act as a place where students can go when they are feeling stressed or having a bad day. It was especially important for me to put it together at this time of year, as we are in the midst of final exam season.

There are three rules when it comes to sitting in the relaxation room: no devices, no shoes, and no talking. 

The room is supposed to be a place to practice mindfulness, or “a type of meditation in which you focus on being intensely aware of what you’re sensing and feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment,” according to MayoClinic

There are journals for people to write in, whether it’s reflecting on their day or simply writing anything that comes to mind that will make them feel better after they get it down on paper. 

My main goal when creating this room was to make it feel like you weren’t part of the usual parts of school you are used to being in on a day-to-day basis. By this, I mean that once you enter the room, you should feel like you have been transported into a calming place, away from reality and all of your responsibilities. 

Swann Li ‘24 said, “I think the room is so amazing. I like the peaceful environment and it feels like a place I can go when I want to be in the moment. I love the pillows and lighting.” 

Sera Gangadharan ‘23 has described it as her “favorite place on campus.”

Social Studies teacher Eric  Goodson said, “I poked my head into the relaxation room and there were about three kids lying on the ground in there. I asked them how it was and they said it was ‘perfect.’”

Because of the construction next year, people and places on campus will be separated. However, I wanted to make sure I set the Relaxation Room up before the construction started because I wanted to see how people liked it. 

Based on people’s positive feedback, hopefully there will be an opportunity to get a permanent Relaxation Room set up in the new Upper School Classroom Building. 

Thank you to Ms. Bradley, Ms. Keimowitz, Ms. Hamel, Ms. Gayton, Mr. Goodson, and Ms. Panahi for the support in helping me put this together!

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