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Quarantine provides students with time to try new activities

In the wake of the changes happening because of Covid-19, many Dana Hall students have been able to make the best of the situation and find new and interesting activities. With classes online, students are using the extra time they have to try new hobbies, either for classes or on their own.

Isabel Sullivan ’21, a student in AP English Language and Composition, explains that “during this quarantine period as a part of my English class’s ‘pandemic project,’ I have decided to learn ASL [American Sign Language]. It has been an extremely rewarding and interesting experience that I might not have had the opportunity to learn. I have also begun to read a lot on deaf culture. and I have learned so many valuable and incredible things about the deaf community. I am so excited to continue learning ASL through quarantine and beyond.” The pandemic project has allowed students to explore a variety of topics and skills beyond what classrooms have usually offered.

Some students have used the extra time they have to find ways to raise funds to donate to charities that aid those that are suffering from the pandemic. Catherine Coleman ’23 is making and selling jewelry in order to help charities that are contributing to pandemic relief. She notes that “I’m looking forward to it because I love crafty things like making jewelry and I wouldn’t have normally had the time to do this. I also plan to donate a portion of my proceeds to charities that help people that are suffering from this pandemic.” Her jewelry will be sold on Etsy under JewelryByCatherineC

Another way that students have been helping in the pandemic is by volunteering for organizations that are donating to hospitals. Anca Fu ’21 has been contributing to a foundation by being a tutor. Anca explains, “My friends created a foundation that donates masks and medical equipment to the local hospital in Vancouver. However, she needed students to tutor kids in China to gain money to buy the equipment. She asked me if I could teach English to some elementary school kids in China, so I said yes. I started by teaching a 12-year-old girl from Guangzhou, China.” This new task wasn’t without its challenges; Anca mentions that “at first, I struggled with teaching the student because she was quiet, but as I got closer to her, she became more comfortable and asked more questions.” Despite the challenges, Anca notes that “Overall, I love the experience of  being able to teach the students. It allowed me to appreciate and understand my own  teachers more for the work that they do at school. Even though the pandemic is a terrible event, it made me gain more experience to grow as a person.”   

Being quarantined has allowed some students the time to start new projects that they have been wanting to try for a while. Shayna Rothstein ’21 has taken advantage of the extra personal time by starting her YouTube channel. Shayna says that she had long wanted to do this, but “filming and editing videos could take up to a week to complete, and I just didn’t have the time. However, now that we are all being quarantined, I have been able to start my Youtube channel. With all of the negatives resulting from corona, I would say that the biggest blessing and  positive outcome of this madness is that I have finally had the opportunity to begin something new.” She now has two videos uploaded on her channel where she posts vlogs about her days in quarantine.

Some students have found interest in baking throughout quarantine. Addie Grave ’22 has been “bagel making. It is something I am very passionate about, but haven’t had the time to do before.” Greta Gordon ’20 also notes that throughout quarantine “I’ve been making a lot of crafts and cooking and baking to keep busy.”  

Another activity that students have started in quarantine is exercise. Anna Hamilton ’22 says that “during quarantine I have picked up a few new hobbies. I’ve been doing yoga outside and it has been a really relaxing way to start or end my day. I have also been exercising daily to try and keep motivated for the fall sports season.” Addie Grave has also said that in addition to bagel making “I have also enjoyed playing badminton during quarantine. I even feel like I’m getting pretty good.” Although the weather can be unpredictable, Greta Gordon says that “when the weather gets nice, all I want to do is get outside and walk, bike, and spend time with my pets.”

Despite all of the challenges caused by Covid-19, students have been making the most of life during a pandemic by using the extra time that they now find on their hands to take on new hobbies. Addie Grave enjoys that “during quarantine I have found time for many things that I have not had the time for before,” and other students have also taken advantage of the time to try a new recipe, pick up a new hobby, or expand on a skill that they have.

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