Passing the torch: Advice from the Class of 2024

As the Class of 2024 prepares to bid farewell to Dana Hall, I had the chance to hear from seniors to reflect on their journey and offer advice to underclassmen who will soon follow in their footsteps. From being the first 5th-grade class to entering high school amid a pandemic and spending nearly two years in modular classrooms, the class has seen, learned, and grown individually and together into the knowledgeable bunch they are today.

A recurring theme echoed by seniors is the importance of authenticity. They emphasize the significance of embracing one’s unique identity without fear or shame. Puckni Bhengsri ‘24 stated, “Be yourself, you are your own unique person, don’t be ashamed of it, and don’t be afraid to fail or make a fool of yourself in front of the school.” Puckni reminds us that Dana Hall fosters an environment where individuality is celebrated. “The community here is really like a family. No matter what you do they will always be there cheering for you; even if you fall on your face in the dragon costume I did it twice, laugh about it!”

The “sense of community is a cornerstone of the Dana Hall experience,” Ellie Bergstrom ‘24 attests. She describes the school as “close-knit where every member is thought of and supported.” Ellie encourages underclassmen to foster this spirit of inclusivity by “being welcoming to everyone and being a good role model.” By being welcoming and inclusive, underclassmen can contribute to the supportive atmosphere that seniors claim “defines Dana Hall.”

Madeline Reinhardt ‘24 reminds underclassmen to utilize the resources available to them. She encourages students to seek support from their classmates and teachers, highlighting that in the Dana Hall community “The people around you are there to help, from your classmates to your teachers.” She also offered a lighthearted reminder to “make sure not to give your email to the College Board!”

With authenticity, resilience, community, and resourcefulness as their guiding principles, the Class of 2024 will embark on new adventures beyond Dana Hall, but they leave underclassmen with wisdom to carry on their legacy for years to come.

Image Source: Adam Richins

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