All Around the World: Dana’s International Photo Competition

This past month Dana students may have noticed something different about the board in the Student Affairs hallway; it has been plastered with many photos depicting all sorts of exotic and beautiful scenes. These photos were the finalists in Ms. McQuillan’s international photo competition. Students, teachers, and faculty recently had […]


iPad’s Promise

What is 9.5 inches tall, 7.3 inches wide, and will be under the arm of every Dana girl come this fall? The Apple iPad. This electronic tablet will be ushered into all classrooms next year to create a more hands-on environment for students. iPads are finding their way into schools […]


The Emotional Road to Recovery

As the basketball flew through the air, Adrianna Russell dove to grab it before the Winsor point guard could snatch it before her. As she accelerated, the girl’s hand flew up and hit Russell between the eyes. At first she went a little light headed, and then she was mad […]


Here to Help

Trying desperately to reach the final hold, Logan, age 11, pushed up with all his strength and extended his tired arm. He brushed his fingers on the ceiling, adding his fingerprints to the dark circle of smudges at the top of the rope. “I’m so happy,” he grinned, as he […]


She Sails 2013: Inspiring Dana Hall Women

Sail on, sail far and, most importantly, sail to She Sails 2013: Inspiring Dana Hall Women on April 27, 2013, 8:15 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Last year’s She Sails was the hit of the spring as students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumnae all gathered for a day of activities, inspiration, […]


Top Secret at Dana Hall School

On a typical afternoon meeting of the Disciplinary Committee, you would find Ms. Ryan, Mr. Mather, Director of Upper School, two students leaders, and one faculty from Upper School—the Disciplinary Committee for the day—sitting around an oval table in the academic office’s conference room reading a one-page brief detailing the […]


Directing The Dead

On the Sunday evening, when the world was watching as the 85th annual Oscars, there was a great deal of pomp and circumstance about the performers and their attire. But what about the talent behind the scenes? One of the most prestigious awards will go to the Best Director. How […]


AP Classes: Pressure to Impress

As the bell rings at 11:30am, the AP biology students are settling in their seats, ready to take on the next forty-five minutes of intensive learning. With their giant backpacks tucked under their desks, the girls sit quietly for a moment with their notebooks open and colored pens at the […]

Arts / Community

Dana Hall Art Gallery: A Girl and Her Room

The Dana Hall Art Gallery opened a new exhibit on the 15th of January that featured pictures from Rania Matarís work from her book, A Girl and Her Room, published in May 2012. The art contains revealing pictures of teenage girls in the most personal space they have: their bedrooms. […]


Performers Tear the House Down on Parent’s Weekend

She stood outside the door, her foot tapping nervously.  Her eyes darted back to the sign “Don’t enter until 7:30” every minute.  Finally, frustration taking the best of her, she opened the doors at 7:25. The Dana Hall Parent’s Weekend Performing Arts Concert showcased a wide range of talent from […]