Flooding does minor damage on campus


Classes start the year with annual retreats

On Thursday, August 29, the entire student body at Dana Hall went on a retreat for a full day. They were divided by grade levels and traveled to locations as close as Kimball Farm and as far as New Hampshire. The freshman class went to Hale Reservation in Westwood, Massachusetts. […]


Preseason athletes prepare for fall season

While most of Dana Hall’s student body enjoyed the beach, finished up on reading, or relaxed with friends, the varsity athletes and hopeful tryouts gathered at Dana on August 20 to begin preseason. This year’s preseason consisted of only one session a day for four days and then two days […]


Not Your Average Prom: Dana Hall’s Best Buddies Prom

The lights were on in Shipley’s fencing studio, but instead of a fencing meet, a DJ was mixing tunes from Gomez and Cyrus that inspired the crowd rush out onto the floor.  He played the crowd’s favorites, the dance floor was full, and everyone had a smile on their face. […]


Why the Backlash?

The word feminism is dirty in the hallways at Dana Hall School. At school assemblies, the word produces cringes. During presentations, you’ll hear sighs. Worst of all, the chatter among the students is filled with “I don’t even care about feminism.” Perhaps–or at least I hope–these girls are just ignorant […]


The Power of Self Expression

Coming from a country 7124.46 miles away from the United States, three years ago, I entered a new world as a fourteen-year-old girl. I brought my identities and memories from China to the United States, shouldering my parents’ expectations. The United States was waving to me with its blonde hair […]


The Changing Face of Foreign Teachers

People sometimes hear about face changing actors in the Peking Opera—they change masks with their changing moods, revealing a new dimension of their personalities. Similarly, and perhaps surprisingly, there is a group of teachers at Dana Hall School who also have changing faces. In a diverse community like the Dana […]


The History behind Healthy Eating at Dana

  Can you believe that there are connections between the Ford Mustang and healthy eating at Dana Hall? Lee Iacocca, the American business man renowned as the president of Ford Motors and one of the greatest salesmen in the U.S. history, sent his granddaughters Mary-Caitlin Hentz ’06, Molly Hentz ’09, […]


Growing-up in the Age of Terror

The world is in danger. It is up to superhero, Iron Man, also known as Tony Stark, to save the day. Stark knows he has to find his nemesis, The Mandarin, and kill him and all of his henchmen to save innocent civilians from wrath and terrorism. The problem: Stark’s […]


Bursting the Dana Bubble

We’ve all heard it before: Dana provides a safe and nurturing environment that allows students to take risks and make mistakes with in a loving and supportive environment. Although this is true, there are limits as to how far we can truly step out of our comfort zone because it’s […]