Hunger Games sequel catches fire in box office

Some sequels fall short of expectations, but Hunger Games: Catching Fire is an exception. The much-anticipated film has added to the already booming Hunger Games franchise, which includes Suzanne Collins’s book trilogy and the first Hunger Games movie. This second installment, with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger, is sure to leave the […]


Nelson Mandela and the Heroes of Asia

The All School Meeting on December 11 was devoted to recognizing and remembering Nelson Mandela, the first black president of South Africa, who fought to free the country from white minority rule, to achieve racial equality, and to fight against poverty and diseases. When he passed away in his home on […]


Dana Hall Speaks: A Twist to the Timmy Tradition

“Dana Hall Speaks” is a new feature of the Hallmanac that will highlight the voices of the Dana Hall community about current issues. This first column prominently features junior and senior voices because of the subject matter, but normally the Hallmanac will strive to represent a cross-section of Dana voices. […]


The 21st-century Hallmanac: Changes and challenges

It’s time to change your web browser bookmark for the Hallmanac! The Hallmanac has adopted 21st-century technology, and the changes keep coming. The latest change, made just this month, is a new webhost and hence a new URL for the Hallamac: Other recent changes include eliminating password-protection to read […]

Arts / Community

The “Maker Movement” hits campus

Do you make things? Have you ever designed, created, or transformed something on your own?  If you are using materials to put things together, the answer is “yes,” and by the way, you are involved in the Maker Movement. Related to “DIY,” meaning “do it yourself,” this movement has grown […]


Lessons from Malala

Are you tired of feminism? The mixed responses after the recent Title 9 presentation, at the X-block on November 4, suggests that many students deem feminism to be overemphasized at Dana Hall. As a Dana student, I have been protected from sexism at school, and the topic of women’s equality […]

Arts / Community

Mexican ‘Closer Look’ features woodcarving and painting

The machete swung overhead, missing the woman’s face by only a few inches. Suspended for a moment, the massive blade caught the light and gleamed before cutting through the air, crashing down onto a block of wood and sending wood chips flying all over the stage. The audience watched, mesmerized, […]


Dana parent Ann Harney brings color to the Gallery

Walking into the Dana Art Gallery right now, you will enter a world full of interesting shades, funny statues, and blocks of color. The current gallery show, running October 14 through November 19, features paintings by Ann F. Harney, the mother of 2008 Dana graduate Elizabeth Cantor, as well as […]


Dorms compete in Halloween costumes

The boarding community dressed to impress on Tuesday, October 22, for the Halloween-themed community dinner. Each dorm tried to snag the prize of the best Halloween costume.The community dinner atmosphere was more festive than the actual night of Halloween, as not many boarding students went trick-or-treating on October 31 itself. […]

Athletics / Community

A successful Homecoming despite losses

On Saturday, October 26, the Dana Hall campus teemed with commotion, excitement, and team spirit. The Dana Dragons and the Newton Falcons were facing off for the second time this year at Dana Hall Homecoming. The day opened with Saturday classes, with Middle School games in the morning, Junior Varsity […]