Dana Hall Model U.N. Gears Up For the New Season

Dana Hall Model United Nations (MUN) is gearing up for the 2014-15 season with new features for the team and MUN club. The team will be traveling to Rutgers University, Columbia University and Dartmouth College this year to compete against schools from around the world. The team will not be […]

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Commencement speaker Cindy Harvey 1990 inspires

When Ms. Erisman approached the Senior class a few months ago and asked that we brainstorm who we might want as our Commencement speaker, the entire class resonated with an overwhelming desire to hear from Mindy Kahling and no one else. When the laughter subsided, she instead asked us to […]


A call for economic rather than race-based affirmative action in the college admissions process

Affirmative action has once again become a media buzz word in the last few weeks. Recently, the Supreme Court upheld the 2006 Michigan constitutional amendment that bans consideration of race in university and college admissions. As of now, seven states, including Michigan, have placed bans on affirmative action. Affirmative Action […]


The new SATs bring pros and cons

            On April 16, the College Board announced blueprints for a redesigned SAT test, which brought mixed reactions to the standardized test. I believe the College Board tried to fix many problems in the SAT test by realigning it with schoolwork, but the test will become […]

Chicago a hit!

Chicago a hit!

On May 16 and 17, Dana Hall and Belmont Hill Schools put on a rendition of Broadway’s Chicago. From the seniors acting and dancing, to freshmen who got a chance to be in the spotlight for the first time, each and every performer truly surpassed all expectations for the jaw-dropping […]

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Batman on campus! New bike-share program off to a rolling start

As of this spring, there are now two bikes – a red one named The Flash and a black one named Batman –waiting for you outside the dining center. The Green Team launched a bike-share project this spring, with $900 of funding from the Parents’ Association. The school and Green Team bought two […]


Kathleen Murdock shares her passion for wellbeing

“It’s not about finding love in the world, it’s about giving yourself love. If I love me, I can feel better about everything.” So says Kathleen Murdock, Dana Hall’s Consultant for Community Wellbeing and former Dean of Students. For the last 14 years, Ms. Murdock has invested herself in the […]

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David McGovern “busts a move”

The day is still young as you look at a craggy rock face that stretches for hundreds of vertical feet of treacherous climbing. You chalk up your hands, take a deep breath, and climb. Have you ever experienced a moment when the only thing keeping you from falling from unimaginable […]

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Girl Rising rises at Dana Saturday night

In a small village in Nepal, a young girl named Suma recalls how, when she was six years old, she was sold to her first master. She would spend the next seven years of her life enslaved, forced to cook, clean, and care for animals and her master’s children, who […]

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Tiffany Lau: a balancing act

Dancing with soft movement, drawing beautiful patterns with her skates, Tiffany Lau ’15 is in the middle of an ice rink creating art with her own body. The junior from Hong Kong came to Dana Hall in 2013 to pursue both her skating and academic goals in the United States. […]