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There’s help for SAD

content warning: mention of suicide As a student who has struggled with mental health for most of my life, I can definitely feel the effects of depression even more as it gets colder. I often experience the symptoms to a higher degree, and I wanted to learn more about why […]


A Covid Christmas

It was supposed to be happy new memories, and big family dinners full of laughs. It was supposed to be surf, sun, and Santa.  Instead, it was me, waking up with a scratchy throat three days before Christmas, a sinking feeling in my stomach as the take-home test showed a […]

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Push past “prestige” in college process

Dear Juniors, As my college process comes to a close, I leave you with the most valuable parting wisdom I can: the most discussed factors of this journey — prestige, rankings, and acceptance rates — are the least important parts. When I first began to think about college, my list […]


WHOOP for metrics with a meaning

As somebody who has struggled with sleep my entire life, I want to share with you the device that has transformed my relationship with recovery. The amount of sleep you receive each night plays a foundational role in so many facets of your life. Everything from brain function and mood […]


Despite Covid, Revels returns in person for 100th year

2021 was a historic year for the Dana Hall Class of 2023: The juniors produced the 100th Revels.  Every year, on the last day before the school gets let out for Winter Break, the 11th-grade class puts on Revels, a holiday show that the entire school watches. The cast ranges from […]

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Advocating for gender equality in Chinese society

When I was five, I remember a relative in my grandma’s house telling five-year-old me jokingly that, “in the past, a woman’s best virtue was to be ignorant. That’s because girls were meant to be at home, to be obedient.” That was the first time I heard this message, a […]

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Dana Hall to hold Covid-19 booster clinic Feb. 10

The Pfizer Covid-19 booster shots was approved on January 5 for 12-17 year olds by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that it is taken five months after a person’s initial vaccination. The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine got approved for ages 5-11 […]

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Travis Scott’s “rager” concert in November results in ten deaths

On Saturday, November 6, 2021, ten people died during or shortly after American rapper Travis Scott’s set in Houston, Texas. At Scott’s direction and urging, the crowds in the mosh pit surged forward, which created a trapped environment where people could not breathe or escape. Eight people died at the […]


Meet the campus dogs of Dana Hall

It always makes me smile to say hi to Satch or Loamer when they are walking outside around campus, and dance classes are the best part of my day, especially when Finn is in class getting hugs from all the dancers. While students in the dorms do not keep pets, […]


Cookie Monstah: That’s the way the tasty cookie crumbles

“Oh my goodness this place smells incredible!” These were the words that left the mouth of Avery Williamson ’24 the moment she stepped foot into Needham’s very own Cookie Monstah for the first time.  After four long months of renovations, Cookie Monstah opened its doors to the public in late […]