AP Classes: Pressure to Impress

As the bell rings at 11:30am, the AP biology students are settling in their seats, ready to take on the next forty-five minutes of intensive learning. With their giant backpacks tucked under their desks, the girls sit quietly for a moment with their notebooks open and colored pens at the […]

Arts / Community

Dana Hall Art Gallery: A Girl and Her Room

The Dana Hall Art Gallery opened a new exhibit on the 15th of January that featured pictures from Rania Matarís work from her book, A Girl and Her Room, published in May 2012. The art contains revealing pictures of teenage girls in the most personal space they have: their bedrooms. […]


Performers Tear the House Down on Parent’s Weekend

She stood outside the door, her foot tapping nervously.  Her eyes darted back to the sign “Don’t enter until 7:30” every minute.  Finally, frustration taking the best of her, she opened the doors at 7:25. The Dana Hall Parent’s Weekend Performing Arts Concert showcased a wide range of talent from […]


Running for a Cure to Breast Cancer

Looking out at homecoming, an outsider would think that Dana Hall’s school colors were pink, blue and white. The Dana Hall community, teachers, students, and even parents, covered in pink ribbons and face paint, came out to support raising money and awareness for breast cancer research during the big day […]


Birds of a Feather Art Exhibit

The Dana Hall campus is full of wildlife. From the mischievous squirrels to the honking geese, life can be found wherever you go. The Dana Hall Art Gallery, however, was focused in November on just one of the creatures that we see here everyday: birds. The Birds of a Feather […]


The Pros and Cons of a Single-Sex School

Since 1881, Dana Hall has been committed to providing its students with “a unique opportunity to prepare themselves for the challenges and choices they will face as women and citizens of the world.” This is a direct quote from Dana Hall’s mission statement. The benefits and opportunities at Dana Hall […]


The Bittersweet Experience of International Students

Studying abroad is expensive—not only economically but also spiritually. There are nearly 723,277 international students in the United States, and China represents the largest population with 13,000 students. About 19% of the students at Dana Hall School are international citizens. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, international students contribute […]


Green Team Tackles Technology

“Ding!” Students and teachers in the Upper School of Dana Hall all received an email from the School’s Green Team, in late October. The new recycling effort targets technology products such as, batteries, headphones, broken iPhones, and chargers. The Dana Hall community believes that each small action adds up to […]



“Yes! I’ve been trying to figure this out forever!” Julia Novakoff shouts with a big grin across her face as if she just won the Boston Marathon. She admires the complex logic puzzle of various shapes and colors that she has just perfectly pieced together in the Dana Hall Think […]


The Drive to Achieve: A Cautionary Tale

The recent spike in Adderall prescriptions, as well as the growing issue of abuse, has caused doctors and concerned users to take a step back and reexamine the use of the drug.  Since 2007, the number of prescriptions has increased by an astounding 26%, according to the New York Times, […]