Alumnae Class of 1949 Returns

At 84 years of age, the class of 1949 became “students” again when they recently spent the day attending classes at Dana Hall. On October 6, the class reunited with their alma mater in honor of their 65th reunion. Out of a class of 116, 13 returned to grace the […]


A new Student Center planned

In September 2015, Dana Hall students will return to a bigger and renovated Dining Center that will be renamed the Student Center for its emphasis on the students. Its extra space will accommodate all of the clubs at Dana and provide a place for the members of the community to […]

Athletics / Community

Parents’ Weekend 2014

The Dana Hall community is reshaping tradition this upcoming Parents’ Weekend. It will be the second to have classes on both Friday and Saturday. While all sporting events have traditionally taken place on Saturday, this year Varsity sports will be held in the evening on Friday after a show from […]

Academics / Community

Faster and safer internet for Dana Hall this year

While Dana Hall students were commencing and graduating last June, the Technology Department was already busy at work, creating a firewall, streamlining the campus wifi, replacing network hardware, updating software, and moving machinery in fourteen buildings, all in the span of 9 weeks. As of October 1, Dana Hall campus is using […]

Academics / Community

Dana girls innovate

“We were able to make what seemed like the impossible, possible,” says Alex Naddaff’ ’16. This summer, Dr. Gwen Ortemeyer and Middle School math teacher Michelle Gerdes welcomed nine Dana Hall Upper School students to campus for The Girls Summer Entrepreneurial Program (GSEP), a ten-day course offered for the first time this […]

Community / Opinion

Breaking the Dana bubble: political awareness needed

Global politics applies to everyone, every single person in the Dana and global community.  The ongoing Syrian War, the global attitude toward Russia and Crimea, Mandela’s legacy, the American Constitution, the Cold War, the French Revolution, the dispute over Diaoyu Island in the Pacific Ocean — you may think events like these […]


The new Waldo offers comfort and light

The parents of Class of 2014, having seen the 56-year-old Waldo Auditorium as an old and tired space, funded its renovation as their class gift to Dana Hall. Most of the refurbishing work was done over the summer, and the remaining part such as chairs were installed after school started; the tablets on […]

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Senior Sophomore–overwhelmed by candy


Dana Hall welcomes visitors from across the sea

Keep an eye out for the group of girls from Melbourne, Australia, and Zaragoza, Spain, who are visiting Dana Hall, but only for a short time. These exchange programs with The Ruyton School and Sansueña create unique opportunities for the girls involved. The exchange between Dana Hall and Sansueña started […]


Dana Hall Model U.N. Gears Up For the New Season

Dana Hall Model United Nations (MUN) is gearing up for the 2014-15 season with new features for the team and MUN club. The team will be traveling to Rutgers University, Columbia University and Dartmouth College this year to compete against schools from around the world. The team will not be […]