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Dana Hall has a new sister: Sansueña School in Spain

Dana Hall has initiated a Spanish exchange program with a new sister school, Sansueña School. Sansueña is a girls’ school, with all grades from nursery to high school, and is located in Zaragoza, Spain, famous for El Basilica del Pilar. Alexa Levin ’16, who is applying for the exchange program, commented, […]


Breaking with tradition in Frozen

Like it or not, Frozen is a film that you have to watch. Why? Because this movie is more than entertainment. Because however you cut it, it is a tale of becoming your own person and growing up, as well as learning not to be ashamed of yourself. You might […]


Model UN triumphs at Columbia

On a charter bus en route to New York City on a bright and early morning of Thursday, January 16, Nora Panahi stood and rapped. The night before, she had created a parody of  “Gangsta Gangsta” (by NWA), prophesying the Dana Hall Model United Nations (MUN) team’s inevitable domination of […]


Changes on the horizon: Dana Hall announces curriculum innovations

Things are going to change. A number of courses in the English Department, Computer Science Department and Social Studies Department, along with community service, will have different looks in the next school year. The brand-new senior English courses will be more theme-driven and more like college courses. “The whole department […]

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Strength through vulnerability

A month ago, I became a stronger version of myself. Surrounded by students and adults who were willing to be completely open, I became aware of all the different aspects of diversity: racial identity, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, family structure, and physical as well as mental ability. Through understanding […]


Dana Hall celebrates diversity of international students

Seventeen percent of Dana Hall students are international, coming from 11 different countries around the world. Starting January 21, the International Student Association (ISA) will host the annual tradition of International Week, celebrating the countries that are represented at the school. Yileena Xu ’15 commented, “It is a great chance […]


Art and photography share the spotlight in Mining the Museum

Mary Ann McQuillan’s gallery show “Mining the Museum” urges people to explore “the spectacle of spectatorship.” Ms. McQuillan, who teaches photography and AP art history, offers both photographs and films in her current show in the Dana Hall art gallery. Ms. McQuillan is inspired by museums themselves, and she confesses, […]


Hunger Games sequel catches fire in box office

Some sequels fall short of expectations, but Hunger Games: Catching Fire is an exception. The much-anticipated film has added to the already booming Hunger Games franchise, which includes Suzanne Collins’s book trilogy and the first Hunger Games movie. This second installment, with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger, is sure to leave the […]


Nelson Mandela and the Heroes of Asia

The All School Meeting on December 11 was devoted to recognizing and remembering Nelson Mandela, the first black president of South Africa, who fought to free the country from white minority rule, to achieve racial equality, and to fight against poverty and diseases. When he passed away in his home on […]


Dana Hall Speaks: A Twist to the Timmy Tradition

“Dana Hall Speaks” is a new feature of the Hallmanac that will highlight the voices of the Dana Hall community about current issues. This first column prominently features junior and senior voices because of the subject matter, but normally the Hallmanac will strive to represent a cross-section of Dana voices. […]