Green Team Tackles Technology

“Ding!” Students and teachers in the Upper School of Dana Hall all received an email from the School’s Green Team, in late October. The new recycling effort targets technology products such as, batteries, headphones, broken iPhones, and chargers. The Dana Hall community believes that each small action adds up to […]



“Yes! I’ve been trying to figure this out forever!” Julia Novakoff shouts with a big grin across her face as if she just won the Boston Marathon. She admires the complex logic puzzle of various shapes and colors that she has just perfectly pieced together in the Dana Hall Think […]


The Drive to Achieve: A Cautionary Tale

The recent spike in Adderall prescriptions, as well as the growing issue of abuse, has caused doctors and concerned users to take a step back and reexamine the use of the drug.  Since 2007, the number of prescriptions has increased by an astounding 26%, according to the New York Times, […]