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2020 Olympics carry on a year later despite pandemic concerns

Last year, thousands of athletes from all over the world expected to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic games, as well as the 2020 Tokyo Summer Paralympics. However, the Japanese government and the International Olympic Committee agreed in March 2020 that the Olympics should be postponed until the following […]


Athletes fight for rights in the NCAA

With March Madness wrapped up, college sports fans are turning to a different court: the Supreme Court. On March 31, the Supreme Court began hearing arguments for National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) v. Allston, the most recent antitrust suit against the association. As collegiate athletics becomes more profitable, student athletes […]


Gamers find company at Dana Hall

Dana Hall has a new club dedicated to video games. Meeting every Wednesday, club members play different video games with each other, collaborate, and teach each other new skills and techniques to win. Madeline Blessing ’24 started the club this year because of her own passion for gaming and her […]

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The bad, the ugly, and the uglier of “Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal”

In 2019, United States federal agents broke a college admissions plot by exposing 33 parents who had paid more than $25 million to an alleged “college counselor.” Producers Chris Smith, Jon Karmen, and Youree Henley take a deep dive into the questions surrounding these crimes in their new documentary, Operation […]

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Double promotion creates changes In Boston’s government

Kim Janey, Boston’s first Black mayor and first female mayor, was sworn into office on March 22. Janey is serving as interim mayor due to former mayor Marty Walsh’s promotion to Labor Secretary under the Biden Administration. As President of the City Council, Janey was next in line to automatically […]


Framing Britney Spears: The Reveal of Her Life Behind-the-Scenes

Framing Britney Spears, released February 5, 2021, follows current details in the singer’s legal battles with her conservatorship as well as reframes our preconceived notions of the headlines and labels that have plagued Britney in the past. Directed by Samantha Stark, this documentary argues that Spears was, and continues to […]


Female March Madness athletes met with sexism and discrimination

The National College Athletics Association (NCAA) 82nd annual March Madness highlighted what many see as deeply rooted sexism and discrimination against women in sports. The immense gender disparities between the women’s tournament in San Antonio, Texas, and the men’s tournament in Indianapolis, Indiana, sparked an outcry for gender equality across […]


Teachers back to campus

As the spring flowers emerge, so did Dana Hall students and teachers. A number of teachers who were teaching remotely for much of the year have returned to campus after getting vaccinated. “By the end of next week, all but three full time Upper School classroom teachers will be back […]

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In defense of — but also disgust at — private schools

In the April cover story of The Atlantic, “Private Schools Are Indefensible,” Caitlin Flanagan bluntly argues that private schools are institutions that only cater to wealthy donors and their children. Flanagan bases her argument on her research and insight as a journalist and her experience as a private school teacher […]


Dana Hall blends cohorts

After months of alternating weeks on campus between student cohorts, Dana Hall ended the cohort model as of April 1. Students of all grades are now attending their classes in person every week. There are 256 on campus students and 65 students who are continuing in the distance learning model. […]