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Neurodiverse students aren’t benefiting from the current structure of 90-minute classes

Dana Hall introduced a new schedule this year, including new 90-minute periods. These classes were intended to benefit neurodiverse students, as these extended periods could be used for more projects and group work. Despite the good intentions for these periods, they aren’t being used in a way that benefits students.  […]


The return of the Dana Hall 9th/10th-grade Semi-Formal dance

Do you hear that? Must be the music coming from Dana Hall’s 9th- and 10th-grade semi-formal that was held earlier this month. For the first time in two years Dana Hall brought back the Semi-Formal dance. It was held on one side of the Shipley Center Gymnasium from 7-10pm on […]

Community / Opinion

Dana dorms need a larger kitchen budget

The Johnstons and Wheeler all have dorm kitchens available for student use, but shared dorm kitchen supplies are insufficient or disappear over the school year. Students can choose to buy their own supplies, but this is a large expense that some may be unwilling to pay, and student’s kitchenware is […]

Lifestyle / Opinion

The idealization of the slim-thick body type is harmful to mental health

All body ideals are harmful to women’s mental health because they make women feel that they need to fit into a certain category. The latest body ideal to emerge is the “slim-thick body type,” and it is as problematic as earlier “ideal” types. The slim-thick body type is “a curvier […]


Final exams back at Dana after two years

During the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years, Dana Hall did not hold any schoolwide final exams due to the Covid pandemic. However, this year as things tend to become normal again, the school resumed final exams. The final exams are being held in the Shipley Center from May 31 to […]

Community / Lifestyle

Relaxation Room allows students to de-stress

Stress is an issue that the majority of teenage girls today face. According to WebMD, a survey from 579 parents with children 13-17 years old said that more than 50% of them would describe their children’s stress levels as moderate to high. At Dana Hall, we all know that while […]


Elect more female government leaders

“My body, my choice.” While that has been a mantra said by some women for decades, the Supreme Court is trying to undermine this basic right for females to make decisions about their own bodies. A leak of Supreme Court news has revealed that the nine justices are debating overturning […]


Help seniors make the most of senior projects

Seniors at Dana Hall are fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in a project of their choice, capping off their final year of high school. Projects can range from an internship in a field of interest to researching one’s family history or volunteering with a nonprofit. However, I noticed […]

The Nation and the World

The Trilateral Process: How Russia broke its agreement to respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity

With the war happening right now in Ukraine, many are standing up against Russia. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that in 1994, Russia signed an agreement to never undermine Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty or governing independence.  Before the Soviet Union, or USSR, collapsed in 1991, the government […]

Lifestyle / Opinion

Don’t lose focus on sustainable fashion

This year, Dana Hall students have made steps forward to educate the community about the importance of sustainability on campus and more than that, encouraged change for the better. Recently, supported by the school’s student-run Green Action Committee, students have sold sustainably-made products and held a sustainable fashion show to […]