The boarding community returns to campus

In January 2021, Dana Hall started the process of reintegrating its boarding students back to campus. About 30 boarders are back in the dorms, living with new regulations due to COVID. All of the boarding students are currently living in singles. They have to keep their masks on when leaving […]

Community / Lifestyle

New student club encourages a plant-based lifestyle

During the pandemic, many people decided to reconfigure their lifestyles in order to lead a healthier daily routine. A major piece of a healthy lifestyle is maintaining a balanced and nutritional diet. This takes shape in many different forms, with one of the most popular diets being vegan and vegetarian […]

Lifestyle / Opinion

Gigi Hadid should give credit where credit is due

It’s natural for people to want to share their opinion on something they’re excited about. American model Gigi Hadid did just this when she posted videos of herself making a Spicy Vodka Pasta recipe on her Instagram story in 2020. The media immediately jumped on this recipe, which then became […]


Why do we love British aristocratic shows?

After a long day, the comfort of the couch and Netflix entertainment calls to all of us. Depending on your preferences, you may choose a light comedy show, an action-packed movie, or a romantic drama that will fill you with tears. What I am most interested in, however, is why […]


Taylor Swift saved 2020 not once but twice with two new albums

Taylor Swift. She’s a household name, an award-winning singer, and an idol to many people. The 31 year old singer songwriter has been a prominent female role model since 2006, and it appears she is not stopping now. I’m a huge fan of Taylor Swift, and I have been since […]


Try this! A customizable scone recipe for beginner bakers

I am a beginner baker and wanted to try making scones. Though the project seemed a little daunting at first, I ended up with a really good result. I used The Joy of Baking recipe because it promised to be easy. It is really customizable, and I was proud that […]


NBCSports Boston’s Abby Chin on sexism in sports media

Abby Chin, a sports reporter and anchor for NBCSports Boston Celtics Postgame, is a trailblazer. She is one of the growing number of women in sports media today, actively demonstrating how there is a place for women not only in sports but in sports coverage and analysis. I had the […]


Local take-out spots: Where to get Asian-inspired cuisine, plus dessert

Right now eating in a restaurant is really unsafe, and so the next best, safe option during the pandemic is take-out. When getting take out, you always want to make sure you are picking the best possible restaurant, to ensure a delicious night, so sometimes it’s hard to branch out […]


Darius The Great Is Actually Much Better Than “Okay”

There was a point last Monday when I was asked to blow my nose for a coronavirus test and thought to myself, this is a level-six awkward experience, and subsequently realized that my new favorite book was slowly taking over my life.  Darius The Great Is Not Okay by Adib […]

The Nation and the World

The Biden-Harris political agenda prioritizes unity

The Biden-Harris administration has laid out an aggressive agenda for Joe Biden’s presidency. This agenda spans a wide range of issues, from American leadership abroad to zero carbon emissions, quite literally A to Z. However, President Biden has made it clear that his plan “to restore the soul and to […]