Out to lunch: Our favorite spots for walkable lunch options

The Dana Hall Dining Center is great, but it’s fun to go out to lunch every once in a while. When we go out for lunch, these are our top five places to get lunch in Wellesley. Our rankings are based on distance, speed, price, and of course food.

Our favorite restaurant for lunch in Wellesley is Old School, a pizzeria located super close to campus (552 Washington St.), which is probably why it’s always crowded. However, even though it’s usually packed, their service is fast. Not only is Old School super convenient, their food is always delicious. The most popular thing on the menu is their cheese pizza, which is $3.50 a slice. We also recommend their mac & cheese bites for $6.99 and their Caesar salad for $9.50. They have several other pre-made salads if you are looking for something healthy on the go. 

Our second favorite option for lunch is The Linden Store, a deli located at 162 Linden St. The Linden Store has a variety of sandwiches, soups, and salads, and they are most known for their unique sandwiches. Our favorites are the Isabella for $7.50 and Dude Ranch for $8.50. Though this option is further from campus, the sandwiches and quick service are worth the walk and the sometimes chaotic crowd.

Another place we love in Wellesley is The Cottage located in Linden Square. Though it is a 15-minute walk, this is great for if you have a free before or after lunch. Unlike the other places on our list, The Cottage is a sit-down restaurant, but the food is very reasonably priced, and the service is quick. Our favorite thing on the menu is definitely the nachos, a delicious and shareable option, for only $12. We also recommend the turkey burger, which is $16.

Another one of our favorite easy lunch places in Wellesley is Riceburg, a super quick walk from Dana Hall over to 552 Washington St. #2, which is super convenient if you only have second lunch. Their menu consists of more drinks than food, but the few food options they offer are delicious. Our favorites are the fries for $3.50 and the scallion pancakes for $7.00. As for the drinks, they offer a wide variety of different teas and bobas. Our favorite is the strawberry milk tea with regular boba for $6.30. Although their food is tasty, their service is on the slower side if they are crowded (which they usually are). 

The last place on our list is Sweetgreen, a salad restaurant in Linden Square. The menu has a good selection of salads, as well as an option to create your own salad. Our go-to orders are the guacamole greens and a “create your own” with romaine, chickpeas, broccoli, cucumbers, apples, and tomatoes. Most of the salads are around $10.00, depending on whether you add extra toppings. Although their salads are good, they are a pretty far walk from campus, which can be inconvenient if you only have second lunch.

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