New Netflix Christmas movie’s simple plot is sure to make you feel good 

Best. Christmas. Ever is a simple, comforting Christmas movie that was released in late November on Netflix. Unlike most Christmas movies, which are either family oriented or romances, this movie is about adult women’s friendships. The movie is directed by Mary Lambert and debuted at number 1 on Netflix and number 2 globally. This movie is a fun, simple, and enjoyable way to spend your holidays. 

This movie follows Charlotte (played by Heather Graham), who lives an average life with her two kids and husband. When Christmas comes each year, Jackie (played by Brandy Norwood), who is an old “friend” of Charlotte’s, sends a proud newsletter making it look like her family’s life is perfect. Charlotte’s son, Grant (played by Wyatt Hunt), changes the GPS without Charlotte knowing and their family ends up at Jackie’s house instead of Charlotte’s sisters for Christmas. While staying at Jackie’s, Charlotte tries to find reasons to prove that Jackie’s life isn’t as perfect as the letter claims it to be. By doing this, Charlotte winds up fighting with her husband (Jason Biggs) through a misunderstanding where she accuses Rob and Jackie of having an affair. It’s fair to say Charlotte snoops too much on her visit and does lots of wrong things, but she also rekindles a friendship she forgot existed and took for granted. 

The script was fine and so was the acting. In fact, there was nothing special about this movie, but that was the point. Christmas movies are supposed to have cheesy, predictable, and comforting plots, says Yahoo, not complex ones. As Fielding University notes, holiday movies increase spirits while releasing some stress. This could be why the interest in the genre is very high. Last season there were more than 80 million people who watched the Hallmark Channel, says Forbes. Last holiday season, there were more than 170 new christmas movies that were released to a variety of platforms, says Entertainment Weekly.

By not having problems like we face today, Christmas movies allow people to enjoy the simple plot to the fullest. For example, there is an interracial friendship in this movie, and this film did not adopt any racial tensions. It was impossible to not feel comforted and good during this movie with its enjoyable, uncomplicated plot. 

Best. Christmas. Ever is worth a watch if you are feeling stressed this holiday season or are just in the mood to watch a comforting film.

Image Source: IMDb

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