New club offers knowledge about Latin American world

The new Latin American Club is underway, holding its first meeting on Wednesday, November 12, which attracted many students to talk about current events and topics in the Latin American world.

The club is headed by Sofia Vegas ’15, Valentina Cravioto ’15, and Marcela Vazquez ’17. Vegas had had hopes of starting this club in years past, but it is not until this past fall that the club came together. Vegas hopes to “change the lack of Latin American knowledge here at Dana and educate the community about current events and topics.”

Latin America is considered the countries south of the United States that speak Spanish and Portuguese, including most of Central and South America, as well as Mexico. Most Dana Hall students from Latin America are from Mexico, where 17 current students grew up; however, other girls represent different countries in Latin America as well.

In the first club meeting, the club discussed the recent abduction and murder of college students in Mexico, orchestrated by the local mayor and his wife. Vegas headed the discussion on what she called a “tragic” event. Many students, including Mariel Flores ’16, said that they liked the discussion about what happened in Mexico and some of the different things about the culture.

The Latin American club plans to hold club meetings every month and welcomes all students to attend. Each meeting, the club plans to discuss current events going on in Latin America.

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