New All-School Co-Presidents ready to take the helm

Brianna Revanche ’25 and Yvonne Hao ’25 will be the All-School Co-Presidents for the 2024-2025 school year. Brianna is from Boston and joined Dana Hall in 6th grade, while Yvonne is from Shanghai, China, and joined as a freshman. Both of them are boarding students currently living in the Johnstons.

“I’m really grateful and honored and I feel really excited. When I first discovered that I was All-School [Co-President] my heart felt really full,” says Brianna.

Previously, Brianna was the Middle School Co-President and Boarding Representative for her sophomore and junior years. She describes that being a Middle School Co-President is a very different experience. As an All-School Co-President, there are much higher expectations, she has to take more initiative, and be more efficient. “But being Middle School Co gave me a glimpse of what it would be like,” says Brianna. As the Boarding Representative, she also has experience working in Dana Hall’s Student Council and understands how to better support and connect the community.

Yvonne has gained leadership experiences through writing and presenting a speech to the U.S. Department of State during her exchange to Washington D.C. with The School for Ethics and Global Leadership (SEGL), and organizing Period Paloozas–an event that makes period kits.

Yvonne talked about how her different leadership experiences have contributed to her role as All-School Co-President. “It’s a mixture. The Debate club is my first leadership position at Dana Hall. The SEGL experience really helped me gain confidence in myself and what I stand for. And the menstrual equity project that I’m working on helped me put things into practice,” says Yvonne.

Outside of school, Brianna works on writing poetry, learning crochet, and reading. Her favorite TV shows are Monk and Desperate Housewives. She is currently reading A Fragile Enchantment by Allison Saft and her favorite book is The 100 Best African American Poems: A Black Poetry Collection edited by Nikki Giovanni.

Brianna is also interning at Afrimerican Academy where they talk about combatting redlining and gentrification in Boston. She has also created a podcast called “Chop it Up” at this internship. 

Yvonne likes to journal before going to bed to write what she did, interesting things, current thoughts, and reflections. “I like to keep track of my memories and journaling has really helped me look back on what I did and be grateful for that,” says Yvonne. Her favorite movie is The Invisible Guest, which is a Spanish mystery thriller.

Brianna describes her experience during the election to be very nervous. “My heart was beating, I was taking very deep breaths,” says Brianna. Yvonne thought she would be nervous during her speech but instead felt very confident about next year. After learning about the election result she describes, “I have a very big responsibility and there is a lot that still needs to be done but I’m very excited about next year.”

Image Source: Dana Hall

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