Ms. Nagler brings a new perspective on diversity and inclusion

Rachel Nagler, the new Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, intends to bring a “positive, inclusive tone” to how Dana Hall thinks about equity.

Ms. Nagler hopes to develop and nurture a community that learns together and does not shy away from conflict so that when problems are brought to our attention, we can work to acknowledge and correct them. She sees conflict and difference management as essential elements of a thriving community. “Professionally, I have a passion for engaging in conflict, in working on the difficult and necessary aspects of authentic community building.” 

Ms. Nagler “has been doing equity work her whole career in some capacity.” She said that equity work and this career “has always been something I am very passionate about. It is personal to me, as well as professional. I live a lot of the words I engage in.”

So far, Ms. Nagler’s favorite part of working at Dana Hall has been interacting with all the students, and she looks forward to getting to know those she has not yet met. She is eager to immerse herself further in the Dana Hall community to learn more about its history and traditions. 

Ms. Nagler wants Dana Hall to know that she is more than her job title and is a “real person behind all of that work.” Lover of the arts, she explained, “I used to teach visual art and I get a lot of joy from watching students create, perform and seeing hidden parts of ourselves emerge. I am particularly inspired by the arts’ ability to bring beauty and emotion into the world as well as a political voice.”

In addition to art, Ms. Nagler said, “In my personal life, I enjoy coming up with new recipes that my kids will actually eat,  playing outside (in good weather!), and spending time with my two young kids.”

Ms. Nagler is local to the greater Boston area, having grown up and lived here for most of her life. She sees herself as “someone who enjoys being collaborative with people” and “one of those people who just liked learning,” fitting right in with the Dana Hall community. Her office is located in the English Hallway in the Upper School Building (across from room 116), and her door is always open.  

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