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Ms. Hanover: A new addition to the Science Department

Mary-Frances Hanover has just begun her new role at Dana Hall as the new AP Biology and Conceptual Physics teacher. Ms. Hanover heard about Dana Hall and its open position for a new science teacher through her brother in law, Mr. Brian Cook. She is now living on campus, across the hall from her sister, Mr. Cook’s wife.

Ms. Hanover has always had a love for biology, stemming from a very young age, manifesting itself in her work and education, as she has both an undergraduate and a master’s degree in biology, and formerly taught AP Biology and Chemistry at Cushing Academy. Although she doesn’t teach chemistry at Dana Hall as she did at Cushing Academy, she would consider teaching it here in the future.  

Coming to Dana Hall has been a smooth transition for Ms. Hanover. Not only is she closer to her family who live in the Boston and Providence area, but she also loves the atmosphere of Dana Hall. Ms. Hanover says that students here “love to learn,” and she describes students as “curious,” “supportive,” “helpful,” “understanding,” and “welcoming.”  Although Ms. Hanover is loving Dana Hall thus far and is looking forward to settling in and getting a better feel for her routine and for the complicated campus of Dana Hall, Ms. Hanover does miss her coworkers at Cushing Academy.

Ms. Hanover has also taken up the role of being the faculty advisor of the Green Action Committee. She enjoys this role as she says it “falls right in line” with her work as a biology teacher. Her goal is to raise awareness about our environmental impacts and food waste. At Cushing Academy, she worked as the Sustainability Coordinator; however, that team consisted of more adults than students, unlike the student- and faculty-led Green Action Committee at Dana Hall. Ms. Hanover thinks it is critical that there be more students involved in sustainability/environmental efforts as there are here at Dana Hall. She believes students need to have a voice on the matter and learn about the issues that arise at school.

When Ms. Hanover is not teaching biology, she enjoys indulging in a new book, spending time at the beach, or being with family. Her summers consist of similar activities, like going to beaches along the coast of Wells, Maine, and Massachusetts. Although she does take time for relaxation in the summer, she also continues to teach at a summer school.

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