Ms. Anderson brings a “breath of fresh air” to Student Affairs

Jacquelyne (Jackie) Anderson — the Student Activities Coordinator, Senior Class Dean, and Varsity Basketball coach — is a new staff member of Dana Hall this year. Kathy Hamel,Associate Dean of Students and fellow Senior Class Dean, said of Ms. Anderson, “She’s been a really nice addition to the Student Affairs team. She’s got new ideas. She’s like a breath of fresh air.”

As the Student Activities Coordinator, Ms. Anderson plans weekend activities for students, schedules club meetings, and takes club proposals. As a class dean, Ms. Anderson coordinates events and traditions for seniors such as Senior/Sophomore. She also keeps track of how seniors are doing academically, ensuring students can get help when needed.

Ms. Anderson explained, “At Boston College when I was in grad school, I worked in student affairs and admissions, so I got a lot of experience in doing what student affairs does and coordinating things and planning events and making sure students are successful. That helped me a lot, and I think that it translates to my class deaning and student activities here.”

Mrs. Hamel described Ms. Anderson as someone who is “very approachable, friendly, and easy to talk to.” Kelly Chen ‘24, co-head of the Student Activities club, added that “she gives Dana Hall fresh blood.”

Ms. Anderson, a full-time basketball coach during the summer, initially came across Dana Hall for a coaching opportunity. She is also focused on a sense of community and family and said that “I definitely felt very welcomed when I joined Dana Hall’s community.”

Outside of Dana Hall, Ms. Anderson describes herself as a “dog mom” and “a homebody since Covid.” Her furry companions consist of two pit bulls and a Rottweiler. Ms. Anderson admitted, “I’m obsessed with them and love to take them to parks and on walks.”

Ms. Anderson has recently taken up cooking, trying to push herself. “I have been a historically bad cook and all my friends and family know it, and I’m forcing myself to get better at it. So that’s my new thing, trying new recipes and seeing if I can even do it. Not even if it’s good, just see if I can make something that’s edible.”

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