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Move study hall back to the library

We have all heard of the Where’s Waldo? series for children — we have all spent countless hours looking for the beloved, but ellusive red and white stripes as we wonder where in the world is Waldo. However, for Dana Hall freshmen and sophomores who have experienced the sudden change of study hall location, the question isn’t where’s Waldo, but more like, why Waldo? In years passed, study halls and make up tests have been held in Waldo, but at the start of this year, during the Waldo renovation, study halls were held either in the library or the Lecture Hall, a much better solution to which we should return.

I am enrolled in a number of study halls, about one each day. Comparing the two study hall locations, Waldo Auditorium offers much less for working students than the library does. While students are working in the Library, we can have access to the numerous resources the library has to offer, including course textbooks, computers, light, and a lot of space to do work.

It is still possible for a student to go to the library during study hall, but only when they have given a signed note to the proctor, which results in cutting out of study time.

Although during first and second lunch, the library is more likely to get very busy, at the start of the year, faculty thought through this issue by putting D-block study halls in Lecture Hall. Although the lecture hall does not offer all of the same resources as the library does, the Lecture Hall offers more space for each individual student. I recommend that we continue this system of D block study hall in the Lecture Hall.

The rules that were set forth for study hall students working in the library created a similar work environment for study halls because girls were required to stay out of study rooms and maintain individual work time, while staying quiet. Study halls worked better in the library because getting work done was simply more efficient. The idea for 9th and 10th graders to be enrolled in a group of study halls during their free time is a way for students, like myself, to stay on task and get work done. Therefore, creating a better study environment with more resources and space should be of concern, and it is an easy fix if study hall location was, again, changed back to the library and the Lecture Hall.

Th2nd study hall picturee response from the students enrolled in study halls was, in most cases, not positive after the change back to Waldo. As a sophomore, I will not have to worry about the location of study halls after the next couple months. However, after seeing the difference in the work I was able to get done, helped by the amount of resources available in the library, this is definitely something that should be changed for the rest of the year and for the underclassman in years to come.

Remember back to when you thought you had found Waldo, but the search wasn’t complete. The frustrated searcher is often misled into thinking they have finally located Waldo, but quickly realize that it was just an impostor dressed in red and white; Waldo still hides somewhere in the crowd. Likewise the school has found itself a false solution. While Waldo seems like a convenient place to hold study hall, it is only a temporary answer that should be changed.

Photographs: Students take advantage of the library’s space and light for studying. Photo credit: Meghan Kelley.

Update: See a reply from Ms. Keimowitz and Ms. Ryan.