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Michael White Takes on His New Position

Michael White, former Middle School science teacher and athletic trainer, is now the new Director of Athletics, Health and Wellness. This job requires the oversight of the entire athletics program from dealing with coaches and student athletes to ordering uniforms and to organizing games. Mr. White believes that the key part of his job is, “to be a positive support for athletes and coaches”.

Regarding Health and Wellness, Mr. White’s job is to organize activities such as Ship Day, and the Peer Ed program, along with the Forum classes. Mr. White, “work(s) as a part of a great team of adults on campus to oversee all aspects of our heath and wellness programming at Dana.”

Mr. White has been a member of the Dana Hall community for thirteen years now: teaching for eleven of them and in athletics for all thirteen. In fact he has worked in athletics his entire professional career and what made him apply for his new position was the fact, “that it had more to offer which would increase his ability to connect with athletics”.  

Considering Mr. White has been at Dana for over a decade now, he knows many people in the community, including some of his coworkers and former students such as Michaela (Mia) Bloch ’25 who had Mr. White as her 7th grade life science teacher. Mia states that, “When he was a Middle School teacher, he was mainly in the Middle School, but now I see him all around campus riding around in a golf cart”. 

Mr. White describes the interview process as, “unique in having to reintroduce myself to people I have known for many years”. Also he has just gotten a new dog named Maisie, so stop by his office in Shipley and say hi!

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